3 Ways To Fix WoW Scouting Map Not Working

wow scouting map not working
wow scouting map not working

A map is one of the most important elements inside an open-world RPG game. With the help of a map, a player can easily be able to navigate through the game’s different regions and areas. This way, he always knows exactly where he’s at and where he has to go.

How to Fix Scouting Map Not Working?

A Scouting board is a place where the player is allowed to select different missions that can be completed for rewards. After selecting a specific mission, the player gets the location of the mission on his scouting map. However, certain users have been seen complaining about their scouting map not working.

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In this article, we will be helping such users be able to fix their issues by following a number of troubleshooting steps. You can find all the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

  1. You May Not Be Level 25!

Not a lot of players know this, but there is supposedly a rule that you cannot access certain new zones on the map unless you are level 25. Some players regard this as a bug that isn’t being fixed by the developers.

In either case, if you are below level 25, you may not be able to access new zones on the map. Hence, it is important that you must be level 25 or above in order to properly use the scouting map. Once you meet the level requirement, there should no longer be an issue.

  1. Restart the Game

Sometimes, a bug may occur inside the game that will cause the game to a glitch in multiple ways. A bug in the UI is one of the most common bugs that we have found any player face. Fortunately, these bugs can be fixed by simply giving the game a restart.

We recommend that you start by resetting the game’s UI. Afterward, try restarting the game and putting in your login credentials again. As soon as you are back inside the game, check to see if the issue still persists or not.

  1. Contact Support Team

Not being able to properly use the scouting map is actually a pretty common issue being faced by multiple users. Unfortunately, the developing team has yet to announce anything regarding a fix to the issue.

What you can try is to start a ticket by attempting to contact the support team. They should let you know what could be the possible reason behind the issue and whether you can fix it yourself or not.

The Bottom Line

WoW scouting map is not working? This article has all the details on how you can fix the issue by applying some incredibly easy-to-follow instructions. Ensure that you give the article a thorough read, and follow all the instructions as mentioned in the article.

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