3 Ways To Fix Extra Action Button Not Showing On WoW

extra action button not showing up WoW
extra action button not showing up WoW

An extra action button is an additional ability that may be given to the player during a quest, zone, or event. Most usually, these appear in the form of large icons near the bottom middle of the screen. Similarly, these abilities are not permanent and will only last during the activity.

How to Fix Extra Action Button Not Showing On WoW?

Quite a number of users can be seen on the internet complaining about their Extra action button not working in WoW. According to such users, these extra action buttons are either not visible or they can’t simply use the action button.

Regardless of the details, the issue is that the extra action button won’t work at all. Using this article, we will be helping all these users be able to learn how they can troubleshoot this issue effectively. So, let’s get started!

  1. Enable it on Bartender

For those of you who are unaware, a bartender is basically an addon or mod for action buttons. Using it, players are allowed to edit and customize their action buttons. It is possible that the reason why the extra action buttons are not working properly could be due to the reason that they are not configured on the bartender.

Most of the users managed to fix the issue by simply enabling the extra action button on the bartender. Hence, we recommend that you do the very same thing and try enabling the option on the bartender.

  1. Your Activity Could Be Bugged

As we have already mentioned above, extra action buttons are something that isn’t necessarily available to your character all the time. This is why it is possible that the extra action button that you are trying to use could not be working due to the activity being bugged or glitched.

It is also possible that you may have missed something important in the activity. In any case, the best course of action would be to go through the whole activity again and not miss anything at all.

  1. Restart/Reinstall

The final possible reason why you have encountered this issue could be due to the game being glitched. If that is so, then you will have to first try restarting the game. We also suggest that you try logging into your account again after signing out. Ideally, you would want to restart your whole system.

If that does not seem to do much of anything, then the next step would be to completely reinstall the game. Ensure that you do not install any kind of addon for now. This way, you will also learn about whether any addon was causing this issue or not.

The Bottom Line

Extra action button not working in WoW? Simply follow the instructions given in this article. You can find all of them mentioned above in the form of a numbered list of steps.

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