3 Ways To Fix Sabertron Not Activating

wow sabertron not activating
wow sabertron not activating

Sabertron is a Mecha cat that you can tame as a pet in the world of warcraft. It is found in Stormsong valley after the Battle of Azeroth expansion. It can be pretty hard to tame Sabertron as it is linked with a world quest. Because so many other players are trying to either tame it or kill it for achievement.

It can have different colors ranging from Yellow, Green to Red, Orange, and Copper. If you’re having issues with the activation of Sabertron then here are some fixes you can follow to get around this problem.

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How to Fix WoW Sabertron Not Activating?

  1. Wait for All 3 Servants to Spawn

To spawn the Sabertron, you have to wait for the 3 technicians to spawn which will then go on to activate the Sabertron. But the thing is most players are not aware of that or are just trolling. They nuke the technicians as soon as it spawns and instead of waiting for all 3 they just kill them instantly one by one.

This can ruin the world quest for other players as now the Sabertron will not activate as the requirements have not been accomplished. The Sabertron will not activate unless all 3 technicians are first allowed to spawn. So, make sure to communicate this with other people and ask them to not burst the servants as soon as they spawn and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Hunter’s Pet Currently Out

Sometimes there is a bug, because of which when a hunter with a tamed Sabertron has the Sabertron out in a time of the world quest. It might cause the actual Sabertron to not activate. So before killing the technician just make sure that your tamed Sabertron is not out.

That way the game won’t bug and killing the technician will immediately spawn a new Sabertron for you. Hopefully, it is a different color which you were trying to tame along with your previous Sabertron. Just use the dismiss feature on your pet and you’ll be all set.

  1. Respawn Timer

The most common problem with the Sabertron not spawning is that players are not aware that the respawn timer for this world quest is very long. So, it is highly likely that you’re just not waiting long enough.

You can ask someone from your guild or an experienced friend, how long you should be waiting before the Sabertron is activated. This way you can be sure whether it is supposed to take this long for the Sabertron to activate or are you just experiencing a bug.

These were some things you need to make sure of to get the Sabertron to activate. The most common issue was that players were bursting the technicians too fast. Just take your time and slowly kill them while giving them the chance to activate the Sabertron for you. If you just burst them instantly one by one then the Sabertron will not be summoned and you will have to wait for the world quest to reset.

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