How To Not Go AFK In WoW Classic (3 Ways)

how to not go afk in wow classic
how to not go afk in wow classic

Almost every MMORPG has an AFK system in place, due to which when a player is AFK for an extended time the player is teleported to a safe zone. In the world of warcraft, you are sent to the character selection screen if you’re AFK for around 30 minutes.

If you’re still unresponsive on the character selection screen for 30 minutes you get disconnected from the server. Here is a list of ways you can avoid getting disconnected even when you’re AFK.

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How to Not Go AFK in WoW Classic?

  1. Using 3rd Party Software

One way to get around the problem of getting disconnected from the game while you’re AFK is to use 3rd party software. You can set macros in these 3rd party programs that will log a key strike after every 10 minutes or so. This will prevent your character from logging off and you can do other things while the queue timer completes.

But the thing is that using 3rd party programs is against the terms of service provided by Blizzard. Even though your program might not get detected and you can potentially keep getting away with going AFK during queue times. Other players however say that this makes it unfair for the players which are actively waiting for the queue time to end.

So, keeping all that in mind if you still want to AFK your queue times and not get kicked out of the game then using 3rd party programs can prove to be quite helpful. Just link them to your game and bind a skill or movement button to them. After the specified period, your character will move which will reset the AFK timer to 0.

  1. Auto-Key Pressing Device

If you’re skeptical about using a 3rd party program because it might have viruses or your account might get locked if these 3rd party programs are detected by the Blizzard client. To stay on the safer side of things you also buy a device online that will press a key on your keyboard.

If you want you can make one at home as well by attaching a point object like a pen to your table fan and it will press either movement keys or skill keys. It is next to impossible for the game client to detect this as a breach of terms of service.

  1. Strafe After 10 Minutes

The best option to stop getting disconnected from the game for being AFK is just to press one of the movement keys yourself after 10 minutes. It has no back draws and you are free to do your school or office work in between these 10 minutes as the queue goes on. Just have the game open on your desktop and move your character as soon as you believe you’re close to getting kicked out of the game.

This method is recommended by most players as it does not break any terms of service and it is completely fair to other players as well. You can enjoy the raid as soon as queue time is up and are still free to do whatever you want in the meanwhile.

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