4 Ways To Fix WoW Item Restoration Not Working

wow item restoration not working
wow item restoration not working

Item management is key in a game like WoW. You need to manage all your resources and the money that you have as well as you possibly can and make sure that you never ever be too wasteful with what you have.

But one problem with managing all your items, which is surprisingly a very common one, is that players tend to accidentally vend or blow away some very valuable things which they didn’t mean to.

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To offer players a way past this, WoW offers the item restoration feature. If you ever use this feature and it doesn’t work properly for you, try out the solutions which we’ve given below.

How to Fix WoW Item Restoration Not Working

  1. Item Restoration Cooldown

Before you go on and try any of the solutions given above, the first thing we’d like to point out is that WoW item restoration does not work if players have used it once already within the last 15 days. It can only be used once every 15 days, so ensure that you did not use it once before within this time as that is likely the reason why it isn’t working right now.

  1. Try a Different Browser

If you’ve already tried the item restoration feature once, there’s absolutely no doubt that you know it is used through the official Blizzard website which one can access through their internet browser. With that mentioned, players should know that this issue with the item restoration is commonly the browser’s fault.

You probably have a couple of different browsers installed on your device. If the feature doesn’t work on one of them, we recommend that you try the other. If the problem was true with the browser, the issue should likely not occur when players try to use item restoration through a different one as opposed to the one which they were initially using.

  1. Disable Browser Plugins

Another thing that we recommend trying next is disabling all of the plugins that you use with your browser. If there is any kind of add-on that you use for your internet browser, temporarily disable it and try using item restoration once again. These plugins are known to cause problems with certain features and they can sometimes restrict usage in your browser as well.

This could possibly be another case of them causing problems with a user’s browser. Simply disable them and try again, as this should be enough to get the item restoration feature to work once more. You should also make sure that browser cookies have been completely wiped out.

  1. Contact Blizzard’s Support

If all else fails, players should try to let Blizzard’s support handle the issue for them. Many players faced this problem before for different reasons that little is known about. In these cases, it is the user support of Blizzard itself which can help you identify exactly what the problem may be, and they should be able to solve it for you too. So contact them and they should be able to fix the WoW item restoration not working bug for you

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