WoW Classic Grinding vs Questing- Which One’s Better?

wow classic grinding vs questing
wow classic grinding vs questing

In most MMORPG the actual game starts when you hit the level cap. From there you can start grinding harder dungeons and improve your gear to a new level. Every MMORPG player has at least asked this question once “How can I level up faster?”.

There are many ways you can level up in an MMORPG like grinding dungeons, killing mobs, or just simply completing quests. Let us go over a few differences between Classic Grinding and Questing to help you decide which one you should do to level up faster.

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WoW Classic Grinding vs Questing

Classic Grinding

In an MMORPG you get a lot of experience by killing monsters. Depending upon the level of monsters you kill, you can get a lot of experience points. Classic grinding means to level up by simply killed mobs of these monsters and not doing any quests in the process. This method can prove to be quite efficient depending upon how many monsters you’re killing every hour.

However, this method can become quite boring after a few hours. As you’re just killing these mobs without experiencing any significant progress in the story. If you’re playing the game for the first time then leveling up using this method might not be for you.

After you hit a certain level you start getting fewer and fewer experience points and then you have to ultimately switch areas to find higher-level monsters. Killing mobs can take quite a bit of your time if you’re not a pure DPS class. Sometimes you get rare drops that you can use to upgrade your gear but it won’t matter much for the end-game content.

Dungeons can also give you a lot of experience points but it might take you a while searching for groups to complete the dungeon with. This method can make your skill rotations more efficient as you’ll have more time to practice using different abilities.


Completing quests can be quite fun to do, this way you can get familiar with the lore of the game and you get different rewards for completing quests. Some of these rewards are very useful to have on your character. As your quest progress goes up you will keep getting more and more experience points for completing each quest.

By completing quests, you get familiar with different areas of the map and you can consider them as a tutorial to find out what different professions do and so on. So, if you’re a beginner and just want to learn then you should level up using this method.

But if you just want to level up quickly then the best way is to use both of these methods. Take on quests and clear out all the mobs that come in your way. This way you’ll be getting the quest exp along with monster exp. It will only take a few extra minutes but your experience per hour of gameplay will increase a lot. Following this method will help you reach the level cap quickly and you can start grinding to improve your gear.

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