2 Ways To Fix WoW Boats Not Working

wow boats not working
wow boats not working

Much like real life, boats are a form of transportation in WoW. They can be used to get from one terrain to another in a relatively short amount of time as long as said terrains connected to one another through a body of water. They’re a simple yet great addition to the game, but these boats often tend not to work as intended. If you’re one of many users encountering an issue with the boats and cannot get them to work, here are 2 handy solutions for the problem.

How to Fix WoW Boats Not Working?

  1. Quest Interference

There are times where a quest that you’re currently on can change the way that ports function for you. This can sometimes cause boats to stop working altogether in WoW. While the boats themselves don’t necessarily stop working, players will find that there are no boats arriving at the port regardless of how long they wait. This ultimately means that they cannot board one of them either.

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This is usually caused by a mission that you’re currently participating in, as already mentioned. It is a common occurrence which many mistakes for an issue with the game. Make certain that you aren’t on any quest that might be causing this problem. If you are, your only solutions are to either complete the quest and try to board a boat once again, or leave the said quest and then go to a dock to see if a boat arrives.

  1. Wait for Realm Reset

If the quest isn’t what’s causing the boats to not appear in the ports, then the second and only plausible reason for the problem is that there is an issue with the servers of World of Warcraft. Boats and other means of transportations sometimes don’t work at all in the game, and this is a much more common occurrence than it should be. Check online on social media pages or official forums that are related to WoW to see whether this is the case or not.

If many others are reporting a similar problem, there’s no doubt that this is an issue with the game itself which Blizzard needs to fix. The problem is usually resolved with realm resets for WoW that Blizzard usually enrolls a few hours the issue starts to be reported by players all over the world. Wait for this reset to take place and then you’ll be able to ride the boats to get where you want again.


As you can see, there’s not much that can be done regarding this problem. If you’re on a quest, you should complete it or abandon it as soon as possible if you wish to ride the boats again. However, the only other solution if you aren’t on a mission is to wait for Blizzard to fix the problem for you and all of the other players encountering it, which can take some time and can be annoying.

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