Is WoW Legion Not Alt Friendly?

legion not alt friendly WoW
legion not alt friendly WoW

One of the most fun ways for a lot of WoW players to pass the time and make things more interesting for themselves while playing the game is to create an alt character. This character allows them to experience the journey in the entire game or a specific expansion completely from start. If executed correctly, this can sometimes even be more fun than playing on your main. In the end, deciding how fun it is to actually play an alt in a specific expansion all comes down to exactly how alt-friendly that specific expansion is.

Is WoW Legion Not Alt Friendly?

If you aren’t completely familiar with its meaning, being alt friendly means that the expansion in question is fun to play with an alt character. There are some expansions that make players grind a bit too much or are a bit too repetitive at times, which means that they aren’t exactly the most alt-friendly. On the other hand, there are some which are even more fun when you use your alt character to kill some time in them. Today, we’re here to tell players which of these two different types WoW Legion is.

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Lots of people believe that Legion is not at all an alt-friendly expansion, and it must be said that these players’ claims are somewhat justified. Legion can require players to grind a lot at times, which is very annoying when you get down to do it with your alt. However, Legion can actually be pretty alt-friendly if you’re capable of looking past the admittedly annoying grind.

The expansion actually is one of the most alt-friendly of all in the sense that it has entire exclusive questlines. Depending on the type of character you’re using, there will be missions in the hall that will be exclusive for that specific character only. Through an alt, you can play these exclusive missions which you weren’t able to through your main because of their exclusivity.

Another thing which actually makes WoW Legion somewhat alt friendly is the fact that it has world quest which can be unlocked for all character after just one of them hits level 110. To elaborate, if only one of your characters hit level 110 in Legion and match the ‘’friendly’’ status requirement for each faction, this will unlock the world quests for all other levels 110 alts you have too.

But, it must also be kept in mind that getting the right kind of gear and artifacts in Legion for each alt can be awfully time-consuming. Combine this with the added grind which was previously mentioned and you have a good reason for saying that WoW Legion is not alt friendly.

But, there have been changes made to the expansion which make it much friendlier for alts as opposed to itself during the time of its initial release. It can be argued that it is one of the more alt-friendly expansions out there. In the end, it all comes down to the amount of effort that you yourself are willing to put into your alt characters.

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