Town Of Salem Server Restart (Explained)

town of salem server restart
town of salem server restart

The Town of Salem is a strategy game that you can play casually with other players. It has an affordable price tag and won’t affect your budget. Everyone has different roles and there are three factions in the game. Depending upon what role you get, you will have to complete different tasks assigned to your role. Overall, you just have to figure out the roles of the dangerous players with the clues you get throughout the match.

Some players have been wondering about the server restart message that they get in the game chat. Let’s go over how long you’ll have to wait to get everything working again.

Town Of Salem Server Restart

According to players, the servers of the Town of Salem will restart after every few days. If you’re currently in the game then the game chat will inform you about the servers restarting. You will get a message in the game chat from the system, along with a timer that will indicate the timing of the server restart.

Once the timer gets to zero, the game will end and you will have to wait for the servers to restart to play the game again. You won’t be able to play more matches until the servers are done restarting.

If you’re on a browser then you can get the game working after refreshing the web page. In most cases, the server restart is almost instant and you won’t have to wait much to join another game. However, there have been cases where users had to wait for over 40 minutes to join another match.

So, if you get the server restart message in-game then you can either try refreshing the browser page and if that doesn’t work then you’ll have to wait for the servers to get back online. Once everything is up and running you will be able to play the game again.

Usually, the servers will restart when there are not a lot of players in the lobby. Meaning that if you play during peak hours then you won’t have to worry about servers restarting again and again. But sometimes the servers can also crash when there is too much traffic on the system.

You can use social media platforms to confirm updates about server restart. The Town of Salem Twitter is a great source that players can use to get updates. So, if you’re not able to join the game at any particular moment then check the game Twitter to check how long you’ll need to wait until the servers are back online.

Other reasons like server maintenance and updates can also cause the server to go down for a few hours. But most of the time you won’t have to wait for a few minutes as the routine server restarts only take a few minutes to complete. The Town of Salem team has to clear the cache and free up memory to keep the servers working properly.

However, if for some reason you can’t join the game after waiting for a few hours then try reaching out to customer support regarding this issue. If you’re on bowser then try clearing the cache or switch browser to get the game working again.

To Conclude

The game chat will inform users about the time left in the server restart. As soon as the timer drops to zero, your game will end and you will need to wait for the server to come back online to play the game. Ideally, when the game ends you can just refresh the browser page and you will be able to join another game.

But sometimes it can take multiple hours for the servers to get back online. So, if you can’t get into the game immediately then try again after an hour and the game should start working properly.

However, if you’re experiencing issues with your game then resetting your network connection should help you join a game again. It shouldn’t happen more than once a week but if you keep getting the message on your game then go to the game support and inform them about the bug. That way you will be able to confirm whether there is an issue with your game account or the servers are going under maintenance.

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