How To Reset Overwatch Account?

reset overwatch account
reset overwatch account

The level progression in overwatch is represented by the color and design of your border. As you grind your level the border will keep changing its design. After every hundred levels, a start is added below your character border to a maximum of 5 stars.

Once you’re at 5 stars, then going up a hundred more levels will change the color of your player border.  There are different tiers of borders, ranging from bronze to diamond.

A lot of players have recently been looking to reset their account progress in Overwatch. Let’s discuss whether or not it is possible to achieve that.

Reset Overwatch Account

Unfortunately, no method can be used to reset your account progress in Overwatch. So, if you’re annoyed by your character level or the SR then the easier method would be to make a fresh account.

However, you will still have to pay for the new game and now you’ll have to manage multiple accounts to enjoy Overwatch. The best option would be to wait for a sale and then buy a new copy of the game on that new account. That way you will be able to start from level one and your SR will also reset.

One of the reasons why users want to start from the beginning is to reset their skill rating in competitive matches. This issue will be most common in users that were around platinum rank and then gave the account to a friend or a cousin.

Their friend lost a couple of rank games and now their game is stuck in bronze. This is why account sharing is against the TOS.  These players complain that they are stuck in Elo hell and no matter how hard they try to carry the game, they can’t win matches. They can’t enjoy the game and have to play with lower rank players in the competitive queue.

Even if they carry 5 matches, they will end up losing 10 and that will further lower their skill rating. To end the frustration, they look towards resetting their skill rating so that they can play placement matches again and be matched with higher-ranked players.

That way they can enjoy the game in the rank that they think they deserve. However, Blizzard has mentioned that there is no way to reset your SR and you will need to either buy a new account or grind the ranks yourself to get back your skill rating.

How To Improve SR

Even though you can’t hard reset your SR, at the end of every season, Blizzard will soft reset the SR for every player. Meaning that you will gain or lose more skill rating points for every placement match that you play. So, what you can do is get a few good players to play with you that can help you win more matches.

Even if you don’t have a full stack of six players, having 2 good players on the team can make a difference in the outcome. Just go through your friend list to find someone that is 1000 SR points around your level.

Meaning that if you’re on 1800 then you can get a friend that is in the mid platinum range to play with you. That way you will get matched with higher-ranked players and if you are skilled enough then ranking up won’t be a problem now

. If you don’t have any friends to play with then you can use Discord servers or Reddit to find some players that are willing to play a few matches with you. Then once you’re out of Elo hell, you can queue the matches yourself and won’t have any issues with lower-ranked teammates.

All in all, there is nothing you can do to reset your account progress on the same account. The only way to start a new game is to make a new account and buy a new game there. Other than that, there is nothing that can be done to reset your account SR or level.

If you have issues with your skill rating then that can be resolved by playing with a skilled friend. That way you can enjoy the game by getting matched with higher-ranked players and won’t have to carry them around as much. However, if there are any issues with your account then ask the Blizzard team for help.

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