Tauren vs Troll Druid In WoW: What’s The Difference?

tauren vs troll druid wow
tauren vs troll druid wow

The taurens and the trolls are two of the main types of Horde races which one can find. Both are great options to choose from, and are two of the most commonly used races for characters that one can find in WoW.

If you’re playing the game for the first time or if you’re just making a Horde alt and can’t decide which of the two you’d rather use for your new character, check out our comparison below. It features every important difference between both races that you need to know, so check it out to make the decision much easier for yourself!

Taurens vs Troll Druids in WoW


One of the most important differences between every single race which helps one decide are racials. “Racials” is a term used to refer to the unique abilities that every single race has in WoW. The taurens have their own racials while the trolls have their own, and we’ll be discussing them both.

First up is the taurens, that has some great racials. These are well balanced, and have applications in just about any scenario. Taurens are able to increase their base health, attack with more strength, gain herbs faster, and resist nature magic thanks to said racials.

The trolls also have some great racials which shouldn’t go unappreciated. One racial allows players to gain experience for their character faster through hunting.

As they are quick, trolls also have a racial which make them resistant to effects that negatively impact movement and also one which makes them go berserk and launch attacks with much more speed and ferocity. Depending on which suits your style of play better, consider choosing either option.


The appearance of a character’s race is also very important. Your character is something that you’ll obviously be looking at for as long as you play with them. That said, a character that isn’t visually appealing for you isn’t one that you’re going to enjoy playing with all that much.

The appearance of a troll isn’t exactly one that many people like. They are meant to be cruel and horrifying beings, and their appearance reflects that. The appearance of the taurens also reflect their nature.

They are meant to be peaceful and kind-hearted creatures with great strength, and that’s something that is showed by the way that they look. Regardless, this also comes down to personal preference.


The last thing that we’ll be discussing is gameplay. You might’ve gotten an idea from their racials which were previously mentioned as to how both of these races are when it comes to gameplay. Trolls are quicker and much for fierce characters that can do lots of damage in quick time, while also having considerable speed.

Taurens on the other hand, are relatively slower compared to them. However, they pack a much bigger punch and are capable of enduring a lot more damage. Depending on the role that you’re trying to play, you can choose either the taurens or troll druids.

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