Pa’ku vs Gonk In WoW: What’s The Difference?

pa'ku vs gonk wow
pa’ku vs gonk wow

If you play as a troll race character in WoW, it is likely that you’ve heard about the Loa by now. These are the beings that are worshipped by trolls.

There are two of these which are widely known in particular, as they are a major part of a quest. These are Gonk and Pa’ku, and players must choose between one of them. Choosing between either side grants players unique benefits and rewards.

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If you’re doing the Picking a Sidequest and can’t decide which option seems like the better one, check out our comparison that we’ve given below to make the decision an easier one.

Pa’ku vs Gonk In WoW


As soon as players choose in this quest, they get unique rewards depending on the Loa that they choose to side with. Those that choose Gonk receive access to the Totem of Gonk. This is a totem that grants players some great bonuses.

Once these bonuses are activated through the Totem of Gonk, players get a 40% movement speed boost, along with halved fall damage. This is very helpful for making quick movement in rather tight and dangerous areas. It can also be helpful for making an escape from relatively higher areas.

As for those that choose the other option, they get the Totem of Pa’ku. This totem doesn’t exactly provide a bonus that you can use to your advantage, but it’s unique and helpful regardless of this.

The Totem of Pa’ku provides shortcuts in Dazar’alor which let players travel through long distances in a much shorter amount of time. Both are interesting options, and deciding which one is better comes down to personal choice.


As both have their different rewards and bonuses, both sides also have their unique uses. The usage of Pa’ku is especially great for all those that don’t have a gathering profession and for those that use windriders most of the time. However, for those that like to mine and gather things around Zuldazar, Gonk is a much better option that provides a lot more utilization.

His totems are all over the zone, which is why it is especially helpful for this. On top of this, it also allows users quest faster in this zone, thanks to the aforementioned totems that are scattered throughout the region.

Once again, it comes down to personal choice and the way you play the game. Based on this comparison and the utilization that sounds more interesting to players, they can easily make their pick.


Lastly, choosing either of the two also grants the player an option to do a quest. Depending on the one that you choose, you’ll have to go and meet with either Gonk or Pa’ku. The quest rewards are exactly the same, but what happens inside said quests is completely different. Both meetings are quite great, and there isn’t much to say about which one of can be considered better of the two.

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