3 Solutions For Tarlna The Ageless Not Spawning Bug In WoW

tarlna the ageless not spawning wow
tarlna the ageless not spawning wow

Tarlna the Ageless is a world boss in World of Warcraft that was added to the game several years ago. It was a tricky boss to get the better of at first. But, as time went on people found more and more ways to easily overcome it and defeat Tarlna with ease. Now, the boss is basically fodder for those that have faced it over and over again.

Regardless, it is still a fun enough boss fight and an important one as it is directly linked with some important achievements. If you’re trying to get some achievements but Tarlna the Ageless won’t spawn, you should try these solutions that we’ve given below.

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How to Fix Tarlna the Ageless Not Spawning in WoW

  1. Make Sure Tarlna is the Active Boss

The first thing that you have to sure is that Tarlna is supposed to be spawning in the first place. It is actually a world boss that is only available for a limited period of time every now and then, and you have to sure that it is currently active so that you can go and fight it. Tarlna the Ageless and Drov the Ruiner are the two world bosses that you’ll find in the exact same place.

These two keep interchanging between one another. You’ll find that Drov is the boss that you can fight for one week while Tarlna is the boss for the following week. The cycle keeps repeating and players can fight either whenever they want as long as it’s the right time to do so. So, the reason why Tarlna isn’t spawning right now is probably that Drov is the active boss for the week. To find out which of the two is currently available to fight, just ask around online and you’ll be able to find answers.

  1. Keep Killing the Bosses that Spawn

If Drov the Ruiner or any other boss is appearing instead of Tarlna for many consecutive weeks, there is definitely something wrong with the game itself. Many people have reported this issue where the boss doesn’t spawn for several weeks consecutively which is obviously really annoying for anyone looking to get the achievements linked with Tarlna.

With that said, a lot of said people were also able to resolve the issue through one simple thing. Repeatedly killing the bosses that spawn instead of Tarlna for a while is this solution, and it tends to work in some cases. Once you’ve killed Drov a few times after he keeps respawning, check back after a while to see if Tarlna spawned, or maybe come back to the location a week later. It is an unlikely solution, but as already mentioned it has worked for more than a few players.

  1. File a Complaint

Lastly, the last thing left to do if neither of these solutions worked is to file a complaint. Once this is done, you can hope that Blizzard listens to the reports of you and thousands of other players so that Tarlna starts spawning once again sooner rather than later.

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