3 Ways To Fix Razorgore Orb Not Working In WoW

razorgore orb not working WoW
razorgore orb not working WoW

One of the oldest boss fights that have been around in WoW for many years is the Razorgore boss fight. This is the first-ever major encounter that players will face in Blackwing Lair, and it is a popular one for a couple of different reasons. One of the most unique things about this boss is that it is prone to completely blowing up!

When this happens a good chunk of the entire lair and all the players participating in the raid will be killed off. To prevent him from blowing up, players must use the Orb of Dominance to tame Razorgore. However, sometimes this orb doesn’t work, which is obviously very frustrating and problematic as the boss kills everyone in the encounter. If you’re also finding it difficult to get the orb to work, here’s what you should do to solve the issue.

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How to Solve Razorgore Orb Not Working WoW

  1. Reset Instance

Trying to fight Razorgore once again is a recommended solution for this problem. It could be that the orb simply did not work the first time due to a random glitch or any other reason of the sort. It is more than likely that this bug was a one-time instance, and it should not repeat the next time that players try to take on the boss.

If this problem occurred during your first attempt at clearing out the Blackwing Lair, you should give it another go and try to use the orb once again. Just reset the instance by leaving it and coming back. Now get into the fight with Razorgore and try to use the orb on him to see if it works this time around. If you’ve already retired a couple of times to no avail, move on to the solutions below.

  1. Only Click the Orb Once

One of the main reasons why the orb tends to glitch out so much in this fight is because players tend to click it multiple times at once. This causes issues with the game and sometimes makes the Orb of Domination completely ineffective on Razorgore.

With this said, we recommend that players have another go at the boss but this time make sure to only click on the orb once in order to use it. The orb sometimes takes a bit of time to activate after being clicked on, so there’s nothing to worry about if nothing happens after the initial attempt.

  1. Dismiss Your Pet

Another thing that causes this fight to bug out is having a pet with you. When you use the Orb of Domination on Razorgore, it actually makes him your ‘’pet’’ for a while. If you already have one pet around you, the game won’t know what to do in order to make Razorgore your pet as well.

This means that World of Warcraft will bug out and the Orb of Domination will have no effect. Try to use the orb once again but this time make sure that you or anyone using the orb in your team doesn’t have a pet.

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