3 Ways To Fix Auctioneer Not Working In WoW

auctioneer not working WoW
auctioneer not working WoW

Auctioneer is unsurprisingly one of the most popular World of Warcraft add-ons around. As its name may make you think, it is a modification meant to be used with the Auction feature in WoW. It provides players with many great benefits that make it much easier to utilize the Auction house in the game to the fullest without any complications.

Speaking of complications, Auctioneer itself isn’t exactly perfect. The add-on can sometimes stop working with WoW, and we’re here to provide you with all the solutions that you’d need whenever this happens.

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How to Fix Auctioneer Not Working WoW?

  1. Update Auctioneer

A common reason for Auctioneer not working in WoW is that the add-on for the game is outdated. For popular modifications such as this one, developers tend to release new updates on a regular basis. Unless you use some kind of client to keep all of your mods up to date, it could be that you missed one of the most recent patches/updates that came out for Auctioneer.

To check whether or not this is the case, go to the add-on’s page on the official website and look up its history. You’ll find every important update that came out for it in recent times around here. Install the latest version and it will start working on its own after this.

  1. Wait for Hotfix

Secondly, it could be possible is that you need to wait for a new update to come out rather than installing one straight away. There are many cases in which an update for an application can actually end up ruining it rather than making it more compatible for use. This can happen with modifications as well, and it has happened with Auctioneer specifically many times before. This could be another case of an update making Auctioneer unusable.

If this issue only started occurring after you recently installed a new version of the game, it could be that the latest patch was bugged or problematic in another way. You’ll be able to quickly find out whether or not this is the case with a quick search through your browser. If the new update is indeed the one causing this problem, the most sensible solution is to just wait for the developer to release a fix for it, which should happen shortly after the issue is reported by many players.

  1. Add-on Interference

Lastly, interference caused by other add-ons is another good reason for Auctioneer not working with WoW. It is likely that any other mod that you’ve installed on your PC is causing problems with this one, making it so that it isn’t working at all regardless of what you try.

For this specific situation, we recommend that players take some time to check any recent add-ons that they’ve installed. Check specifically for mods that are related to the Auction House in WoW. Remove all of these other than Auctioneer and try to run it again. It should work this time around.

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