4 Ways To Fix Razer Keyboard Won’t Light Up

razer keyboard won't light up
razer keyboard won’t light up

More and more players are switching to smaller keyboards so that they can adjust a bigger mousepad on their desk. It only makes sense, why would you want buttons on your keyboard that you’ll never use. Moreover, you can aim more efficiently on a bigger mousepad. The function key on a 60 percent keyboard enables users to access all the features that they would have used in a standard full-sized keyboard.

Usually, people that don’t have to worry about their budget choose Razer products. They are more expensive as compared to other brands. Some customers also mentioned issues in getting their keyboards to light up. These steps will help you troubleshoot that.

How to Fix Razer Keyboard Won’t Light Up?

  1. Check Connector

In these situations, you should always start by checking the USB connection. Usually, the customers that were complaining about this error mentioned that the USB connector was not plugged in all the way. So, make sure to double-check that the USB connector is plugged in all the way. You can also try changing the port that you’re trying to connect your keyboard altogether.

Sometimes the fix for this issue can be as simple as replugging the USB connector with your PC. All of these methods will barely take you 5 minutes to perform at max. So, you don’t have to worry about wasting additional time trying to fix your Keyboard. Some Razer keyboards come with 2 connectors; you need to ensure that both of the connectors are properly plugged into the PC. Otherwise, the lights won’t work on your Razer Keyboard.

  1. Use Shortcuts

Some users are not aware that they have accidentally turned off the lights on their keyboard by using the shortcut keys. Their shortcut combination is different for a different version of the Razer keyboard. Usually, you will just need to press the function command along with the F10 or F12 button and you should be able to toggle through different lighting settings for your keyboard.

If you’re not able to find the specific key for your keyboard then pick up the manual and read through it. There are also answers available on the internet if you have lost the user manual. Just input the model of the Razer keyboard that you’re using and then you can find what the hotkeys are. You can also post a picture of your keyboard on the community forums and other users will guide you through different steps that you can try.

  1. Remove Synapse

This configuration tool is known to malfunction from time to time. If you have made sure that the Keyboard is connected properly to the system then your next step should be to remove the Synapse from your computer. You need to keep in mind that this fix will only work if you remove all the Razer files from the PC.

You can do so by checking the program files and window services to verify there is no Razer service running in the background. If your keyboard does not have any hardware issues then it should work after you unplug the connector and then reconnect it. Another fix that sorted out the problem for some users was to manually update their Synapse. Updating the windows OS might also help your situation.

  1. Faulty Hardware

The possibility of faulty hardware components is always there, even if you bought the keyboard recently. Sometimes tech products get damaged during shipping and that is likely the reason why you’re not able to get the keyboard to work. To be sure, you need to plug in your Razer keyboard on another PC. If the keyboard works then the issue is software-related with but if it doesn’t then the probability of faulty hardware increases.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the light to work yourself and would have to either buy a new keyboard or get a warranty claim. These are the only two options available. However, there is still a small chance that your device can be fixed by taking it to a repair center. That way you can save money and won’t have to buy a new keyboard from Razer. But It is always better to contact the supplier first to check if you can get a replacement order or not.

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