How to Earn zSilver? (Explained)

how to earn zsilver
how to earn zsilver

Unlike other brands, Razer values the customer input and keeps on making gaming products to match the requirements provided by the customers. They ensure that users don’t run into any issues while using their device and you can talk to the Razer team members using the live chat. So, always choose Razer if you need reliable gaming products.

zSilver is the currency system that you can use to claim a lot of different rewards. You can use different methods to secure some zSilver for yourself. Let’s go over a few of these methods so that you can stack up the zSilver vault.

How to Earn zSilver?

zSilver can be earned by completing some pre-defined tasks, once you’ve finished these tasks you can then claim the rewards for the specified zSilver coins. The most common method that you can use to get zSilver is to log in to your Razer account daily, and then you will be able to redeem the daily zSilver rewards. This method will consistently make you zSilver throughout the week. The coins will keep stacking up in your vault and you can claim your rewards once you have stored up enough coins.

Another method is you need to get your account verified and you’ll be able to grab a huge bonus of zSilver in the process. There are a lot of different methods like voting on the eSport events whenever they go live. You need to keep in mind that the Razer account should be linked with the streaming platform you’re using. Otherwise, your progress won’t count during your watch time. Login to the Razer Arena daily and try to win as much as you can.

There are more methods to be introduced in the future. Until then, if you just keep following the methods mentioned above you will be able to stack up a lot of zSilver in the process. All you need to focus on is being consistent and claiming your rewards for logging in daily. It includes Razer cortex and Razer Arena as well. These methods are quite quick and you won’t have to log in doesn’t take more than a few seconds. The only thing that might take some extra time is winning in the Razer Arena.

What Can You Do With zSilver?

There are a lot of things that you can do with zSilver, think of it as a virtual currency that you can earn by completing simple tasks, and then you can use this currency to get discounts on specific Razer products. If the rewards mentioned in the list are of your interest, then there is no harm in farming a bit of zSilver to help you with the purchase.

All in all, farming zSilver is worth it and doesn’t waste too much of your time. Unless you’re trying to farm the maximum amount possible. If you keep things consistent and casual then you won’t get burdened and will keep getting rewards for your daily efforts. So, make sure to log in to your Razer accounts daily to get zSilver.

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