3 Ways To Fix Razer Keyboard Visualizer Not Working

razer keyboard visualizer not working
razer keyboard visualizer not working

Razer has a lot of different gaming hardware in store which is easily recognizable among even those that aren’t huge fans of the brand and its products. There’s much more to this than just the quality of the products, as the design has a huge role to play as well.

Almost all of the gaming hardware they offer usually looks visually appealing and is filled with all sorts of customization options that can help users make them even more appealing in their eyes. This is especially the case with a majority of the Razer products that have built-in lighting, specifically the ones compatible with Razer Chroma.

To make these Razer Chroma devices, specifically the keyboards, even more, attractive and fun to use, the company recently released a keyboard visualizer software. This software allows users to pair their system and keyboard together in a way that the latter recognizes the sounds being played at the time.

While recognizing these sounds, the keyboard visualizer makes it so that the lights on the device shift their colors accordingly. If you’re also trying to set this feature up with your Razor Chroma supported keyboard but aren’t able to do so, here are some solutions to help you out.

How to Fix Razer Keyboard Visualizer Not Working?

  1. Software Settings

Not having set up the keyboard audio visualizer through the settings in a proper manner could be the reason why it isn’t working for you. While this may sound like something that is a little too obvious and something that goes without saying, it is still a very common reason for this problem which is why it is listed here. Open up the keyboard visualizer app wherever it is stored on your PC and then go to its settings.

Through here, make sure you’ve made it so that your keyboard is connected with the software and that the feature has been enabled on it. Once this is done, save any of the changes you’ve made and close the application. Now either play some music/games or do so after restarting your device at least once. Either way, the Razer keyboard visualizer feature should now be working.

  1. Up to Date Visualizer

If you’ve made sure all of the settings are according to your preferences and that there’s not a single issue in that regard, it is possible that the application for the visualizer itself is the one causing the problems. Using a version that isn’t completely up to date is bound to have effects like these on the keyboard visualizer feature, which is why the app must be kept up to date at all times.

While the app does usually warn users about newer versions being available, it can sometimes forget to do so, or users can accidentally skip the warnings at times. That’s why checking yourself for newer versions is important too. This is easily done by just visiting the Razer website every now and then when the visualizer feature is being problematic. Compare the latest version available on this website to the one that you have installed. If it is newer, then you should download it and use this one instead. Doing this alone should be enough to solve the problem.

  1. Remove Chroma SDK

If the keyboard visualization app is up to date and there are no problems with its settings either, then the next course of action would be to look for other possible culprits. The main one that comes to mind is Chroma SDK. This is the application responsible for controlling all of the lighting and effects of the Chroma-supported Razer devices that you own. It pairs directly with the keyboard visualization application and is the main reason why it works.

If this application is corrupted in any way, it will cause problems with the feature. To fix the problem and get keyboard visualization working as great as it can, uninstall the Chroma SDK software and try reinstalling it again. Once it is reinstalled, set it up and pair it with your devices. Doing so should be enough to solve any technical issues and get Razer’s keyboard visualization working.

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