Razer Mamba vs Lancehead – Which One?

razer mamba vs lancehead
razer mamba vs lancehead

Razer has a wide variety of great mice in store for users to try and enhance their experience with. These mice are made specifically for playing video games, but can obviously be used for normal browsing on a computer as well.

Two of the most popular options that Razer has in its collection, along with two of some of the most recently released options depending on the specific version in question, are the ones we’ll be comparing today. To be more specific, this comparison is between the Razer Mamba and the Razer Lancehead.

Both of these popular gaming mice from Razer came out around a similar time and were thought to be very similar to one another during their initial release. However, as people used them both more and more, it became clear they were actually quite different in more than a few ways.

If you’re looking to add a new gaming mouse to your setup but can’t choose which of the two you’d rather have, here is our take on the Razer Mamba vs Lancehead debate through a detailed comparison of the two.

Razer Mamba vs Lancehead

Battery Life

One important thing you need to know about both the Razer Mamba and the Razer Lancehead, given that you didn’t already know, is that both of them are wireless. They are not directly connected to your computer or laptop in any way other than Bluetooth, which means that they operate on a battery. This batter obviously needs to be charged every once in a while if users intend to keep playing through either of the mice.

As they are both wireless options, this means that battery life is a very important aspect. If your gaming mouse is just going to die on you every once in a while, purchasing it and using it simply isn’t worth it. Luckily that isn’t an issue with either of these mice as both of them have long-lasting batteries. Despite them both being good, the Razer Mamba is much more superior in this regard. It lasts for up to 50 hours of non-stop use after being fully charged once, as opposed to the Razer Lancehead which lasts for 24-25 hours.


Another big difference between the two is design. To put it as simply as possible right off the bat neither can be considered better than the other in this regard, as it all comes down to personal preference. The Razer Lancehead is designed to be as comfortable as possible for any user. This means that it is suitable for ambidextrous use. Both those that prefer using a mouse with their left hand or right one can make the very most out of it without any problems.

The Razer Mamba, on the other hand, is suitable only for those that use their mouse with their right hand. It is designed in a way to make one’s grip as easy as possible as long as they hold the device with their right hand rather than the left one. So depending on which hand they prefer holding the mouse with more, either of them can be superior to the other in a user’s eyes.


This is another aspect in which both of these mice are very evenly matched, and deciding which of the two is better comes down to personal preference. The Razer Lancehead has lots of different settings that players can change around to make their experience with the device as enjoyable as possible. But that isn’t all though, since the 9 different buttons it has are all customizable to the fullest, allowing you or anyone else using the mouse to switch its layout completely.

The Razer Mamba is also very similar in this department. It has lots of different settings that can be switched around, but there are only 7 different customizable buttons as compared to the 9 offered by its counterpart. However, the Mamba makes up for this by offering up to 16.8 million different color customization possibilities, which is a lot more than what the Razer Lancehead has to offer in this specific department to say the very least.

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