Dominos vs Bartender In WoW: What’s The Difference?

dominos vs bartender wow
dominos vs bartender wow

Both Dominoes and Bartender4, otherwise known simply as Bartender, are some of the most popular add-ons available for World of Warcraft. When it comes down to mods for action bars, these are two of the most widely used ones.

Lots of players use both of them, and you’ll hear many different answers from everyone regarding which one is better. Some might say that Dominoes is better, while others might say that Bartender is the superior one.

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If you’re having troubles deciding which of the two you should use for your World of Warcraft experience, check out the detailed comparison below so that we can help you decide!

Dominoes vs Bartender in WoW


Both Dominoes and Bartender have their own great set of features which make them good add-ons. Bartender is capable of doing just about everything that Dominoes can do, but vice versa cannot be said in this situation. While Bartender is generally capable of doing just about anything that its competitor can do, Dominoes is not capable of replicating every single feature that the former offers.

This obviously gives Bartender4 the advantage in this aspect, as it has a wider range of features. There aren’t too many more features that it has, but there are still enough to give it the advantage in this department.

Ease of Use

As they are action bar add-ons, you would obviously want both Bartender and Dominoes to be fairly easy to use for convenience while playing. That said, they are both relatively convenient and fairly easy to get the hang of. However, it has to be said that Dominoes has the advantage in this department due to a very good reason.

Bartender used to bug out a lot. While this is no longer the case, it still occasionally has its problems. Dominoes is tailored to be as smooth and stable as it can be. So while it may have fewer features, these features run as smoothly as they possibly can. The difference is not that big in terms of ease of use and performance, but sometimes it can be great enough to be noticeable.


One of the most important things for any add-on such as these ones out there is accessibility.

There is absolutely no point in using add-ons if they don’t allow you to adjust different things to your liking and customize them a little bit so that they’re more suited to your preferences. Add-ons are all about making things more convenient for players in WoW, which is exactly why both Dominoes and Bartender have a big focus on accessibility.

That said, Bartender4 is a bit better in this department due to its customization options. While Dominoes does provide many options for good accessibility, these are easily outshined by some of the ones that Bartender offers. One example of this would be the option to specify the location of the program on the screen, something that Bartender provides but Dominoes does not.

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