5 Most Famous Male Characters In Overwatch

overwatch male characters
overwatch male characters

Overwatch is a highly acclaimed online First-Person Shooter (FPS) where two teams of 6 players go against each other in a variety of game modes. Each player has the ability to choose from over 30 heroes. All of these heroes have a different playstyle and a set of unique abilities that are used according to the situation.

The game features complete lore, setting up the world of overwatch which takes place in the near future. Every hero has a backstory, with some of the hero’s backstories interconnecting with the others.

The developers of the game have been adding newer overwatch heroes since the game’s release. Apart from releasing in-game content, Cinematic story videos have also been released to help users get to know more about each hero.

Most Famous Male Characters in Overwatch

The majority of the characters in overwatch are male heroes. Many of these male characters are pretty famous. They are famous due to different reasons. Every single one of these characters has made an impact on the game.

We have made a list of the most famous male characters in overwatch with all the main reasons why they are so famous. The list of characters can be found right below:

  1. Soldier 76

Soldier: 76

Jack Morrison, codenamed Soldier 76 is a famous character in overwatch for a variety of reasons. He is the lead commander of the overwatch team. People like to play him as he is by far the easiest character to play as.

Many players start the game by learning how to play as soldier 76. He is the only character in the game who has a passive ability to run. Soldier 76 also has some of the simplest abilities in the game, due to which most players like to play as him.

  1. Hanzo


Hanzo is another famous character in overwatch who has been a part of the hero’s roster since the very beginning. The hero wields a bow and arrow which is mostly used for medium to long-range combat in gameplay.

Hanzo also has a great backstory that players seem to adore. Not to mention, he is one of the only neutral characters in the game who sides with neither overwatch nor talon. He is the eldest son of the Shimada family who is a clan of assassins with great influence in Japan.

  1. Reaper


Reaper has one of the best character designs in the whole game, having dual shotguns as part of his arsenal. His real name is Gabriel Reyes and he used to be the leader of Blackwatch, which is a team of heroes assembled by overwatch to perform special operations.

Reaper’s fight with Soldier 76 is the reason which leads to overwatch being disbanded. Both Reaper and Soldier 76 seems to be hostile to each other throughout the game. Reaper was assumed to be dead after his fight with Soldier 76, but unfortunately, he went ahead and joined the forces of talon in an attempt to get his revenge.

  1. McCree


McCree is one of the coolest characters in overwatch who is also a cowboy. The hero uses a revolver that has 6 rounds in the chamber. In actual gameplay, the revolver is a great weapon that can be used in all kinds of situations.

McCree can be used to counter plenty of characters in the game. He has a stun grenade which is quite effective. He also features some of the coolest voice lines in the game. These are only some of the reasons why McCree is considered so popular in the game.

  1. Genji


Genji is a popular male character in overwatch. He is the youngest son of the Shimada family and the only brother of Hanzo. The character is designed as a cyborg ninja who wields multiple blades that are deadly if used by the right hands.

Genji is the only hero in overwatch with the fastest pacing in regards to gameplay. People love to play as the character due to this reason. He has a long history with Hanzo and Zenyatta in the Overwatch lore.

The hero also has the ability to deflect attacks, and thanks to the deflecting ability, you can deflect other hero’s ultimate attacks as well.

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