Overwatch vs League of Legends (LOL)



Overwatch is a multiplayer competitive FPS shooter that relies heavily on team composition and communication. The game features a variety of game modes with different objectives. Players can choose from over 30 heroes and get straight into playing the match.

The best part about playing overwatch is that all the heroes have completely different gameplay, with their own personal weapon and a unique set of abilities. Due to this fact, overwatch’s gameplay never gets old, rather it feels quite fresh.

The game is getting more and more content as time goes on. Blizzard has been blessing players with newer maps, newer heroes, and other content since the release. Even today, overwatch is a very popular and active game.

League of Legends (LOL)

LOL, short for League of Legends, is a highly competitive online strategy-based battle arena game published by Riot games. The game is incredibly fast-paced for its genre. League of Legends (LOL) features a variety of champions, with each of them having unique abilities.

The game has a progression system, where each champion is relatively weak at the start, but becomes stronger using items and experience gained throughout the course of the match.

LOL was released back in 2009, which makes it more than a decade old. The game has gained popularity as it was the most played PC game in all of Europe in 2012. Even to this day, LOL is one of the most popular online games.

Overwatch vs League of Legends (LOL):

Choosing between two multiplayer games can surely be a difficult task. The same is the case when comparing overwatch vs League of Legends (LOL), both games offer a fantastic multiplayer experience. It is more up to personal preference rather than one being the absolute better option.

Although there can be a few aspects that will ultimately be the deciding factor. Below are a few of the main aspects revolving around both the games.

  1. Gameplay

Both the games are completely different when it comes to gameplay, as both of them feature an entirely different genre. Overwatch is an FPS shooter, whereas League of Legends (LOL) is a MOBA. One is a team-based game, while the other is a strategy-based game.

Both games have a different set of heroes and champions. Overwatch makes better use of the concept as you have complete control over all the characters featuring different gameplay. The champions in League of Legends also feature diverse abilities, but the actual gameplay does not feel that different when compared to overwatch.

  1. Pricing

Not every gamer wants to spend a fortune when looking for a multiplayer game. Some just want to find a game where they can clock in hours trying to have fun or honing their skills. In this case, League of Legends is a great game as players can play the game completely free.

In contrast, overwatch still costs a few bucks. Overwatch also features free weekends from time to time, with the game going on sale as well, but the game has not gone completely free to play. Players wanting to get a great multiplayer experience without spending any money should definitely choose League of Legends (LOL).

  1. Player Base

Overwatch was released in 2016, which makes it quite a recent title. League of Legends (LOL)  release date goes all the way back in 2009. Being more than a decade old, League of Legends still has a huge player base with players from all over the world.

On the other hand, Overwatch also has a big player base. Both are featured in Esports tournaments every year. Players won’t need to worry about the player base while picking any of the two games, as both are pretty active up to this day.

  1. Player relevance

Overwatch offers its players with a lot less frustration and a more friendly approach to competitive gameplay. Matches are relatively small, and players can turn the tides around at the last second as the game offers much more room for mistakes.

League of Legends (LOL), however, is not that simple. Unlike overwatch, it does not limit the frustrating issues which many players seem to have with LOL. But, both games are rewarding to the skills of a player as an individual and as a teammate.

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