How To Reset Overwatch Account?

The level progression in overwatch is represented by the color and design of your border. As you grind your level the border will keep changing its design. After every hundred levels, a start is added below your character border to a maximum of 5 stars. Once you’re at 5 stars, then going up a hundred … Read more

3 Ways To Fix Overwatch Settings Not Saving

Overwatch is a fun-to-play team-based game in which you are free to change between different heroes to best utilize their abilities. Before each spawn, you can change your hero but that will reset your ultimate timer that can negatively affect ult economy for your team. So, it’s always better to switch when you don’t have … Read more

4 Ways To Fix Overwatch Fullscreen Bug

Sometimes when you try to play Overwatch in full screen, you might suffer a huge drop in frame rate. In some cases, there is no drop in frame rate and the game doesn’t crash either, instead, the screen just turns completely black. You’ll obviously have problems while playing the game when this happens, which is … Read more

Overwatch vs Battleborn: Similarities and Differences

What is Overwatch? Overwatch is a first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The popular shooter was released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2016 and was also released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Overwatch is famed for its strategic approach to the shooter game category. Instead of just being all about combat and … Read more

3 Ways To Fix Chroma App Not Working In Overwatch

Razer Razer is one of the world’s leading gaming hardware production company. They are one of the few companies that provide their services to Esports. Most of the razer’s products are targeted towards gamers. These products include gaming laptops, gaming mouse, keyboards, and headsets. They also deal with other PC peripherals mostly needed for gaming, … Read more

Overwatch Using 100 Percent CPU? (4 Ways To Fix)

At times, your CPU’s usage might reach 100%. When this happens, it means that your CPU is trying to perform more work than it is capable of. This issue is common when people try to use too many applications at once or try to overwork their PC in another way. Something is wrong if this … Read more

Overwatch vs League of Legends (LOL)

Overwatch Overwatch is a multiplayer competitive FPS shooter that relies heavily on team composition and communication. The game features a variety of game modes with different objectives. Players can choose from over 30 heroes and get straight into playing the match. The best part about playing overwatch is that all the heroes have completely different … Read more

Overwatch vs Destiny- Which One’s Better?

Overwatch Overwatch is a squad-based multiplayer FPS developed and owned by Blizzard Entertainment. The game features a variety of game modes, each having a different objective. Although the game is played competitively at a large scale, there are game modes available for casual players who just want to have some fun. Recently, a sequel has … Read more

Endorsement Level Dropped In Overwatch

Overwatch is a great game filled with many great features. The game has fun gameplay and requires teamwork as well as skill to play. The game has a great set of characters that are all fun to play as. All of these details make the game great and loved by many players around the world. … Read more

4 Ways To Fix Update Downloads Very Slow In Overwatch

Overwatch is a popular multiplayer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2016. The game was made to tackle other Esports titles. Surprisingly, the game has enjoyed massive success since it’s release with millions of players playing the game. As it is a competitive multiplayer game, Blizzard Entertainment has made sure to provide its players … Read more

5 Hardest Characters To Master In Overwatch

Playing a multiplayer game can often require a certain level of skill. The player has to learn the game before he can finally start to enjoy the game, or start getting a good score. Every multiplayer game has a different learning curve, where some of them have a smaller curve while others have a much … Read more

Overwatch Launches Then Closes (4 Ways to Fix)

Overwatch might sometimes crash when you try to launch the game. You obviously can’t play the game when this happens. This means that you will likely want to fix the issue as soon as possible so you can start playing again. Fortunately, the problem can be easily fixed. Many players have had a problem where … Read more