What Does GOAT Stand For In Overwatch

Overwatch is an online multiplayer game that relies heavily on good team composition and communication. There are 100+ different team layouts you can try by mixing the 31 different characters the game provides you. One of the layouts is the infamous GOATS, which was one of the most popular compositions in the game. The GOATS … Read more

4 Sombra Counters In Overwatch

Overwatch has a very wide range of characters to choose from, with the game offering you 31 different characters to with more being added every few months. What’s impressive about this, is the fact that Blizzard provides a very detailed back story for all of these characters along with unique skins for all of them … Read more

4 Pharah Counter In Overwatch

Overwatch is famed for the variety of amazing characters and locations it provides its players with. The game has 31 characters and more are added to the game every few months. However, what everyone loves about these characters, is how different they are compared to one another in terms of gameplay and backstory. Every character … Read more

Overwatch- Is It True That Matchmaking Sucks?

Overwatch Matchmaking Sucks? Overwatch is an online multiplayer first-person shooter so problems such as server errors or disconnection issues are to be expected. One of these problems is the sometimes horrendously bad matchmaking system of Overwatch. Many people have expressed their thoughts when it comes to the matchmaking system of Overwatch and has continuously complained … Read more

Overwatch: Looking For Group Feature

Overwatch is an online multiplayer game and like any other game in its criteria, it has good players, bad players, and straight-up terrible players. Overwatch is a team-based game that heavily relies on team composition and good communication, but no matter how obvious the game has made this, some people just do not get it. … Read more