Minecraft: Temperature Mod Explained

minecraft temperature mod
minecraft temperature mod

There are quite a few mods available in Minecraft. These are used to change various aspects of the game. These mods are mostly used to prolong the playability of Minecraft. Players can install these mods anytime. Multiple mods can also be installed in Minecraft.

Depending on the mod, it can add up newer things in the game, or change the visuals. It can also be as minor as making a few bug fixes. Since the game’s release, players have installed and enjoyed a variety of different mods.

Temperature Mod in Minecraft

A few mods can add up the concept of temperature in Minecraft. For instance, one mod only shows the temperature on the screen. But some mods use temperature in such a way to increase difficulty or change certain elements.

Tough as Nails Mod

One incredibly popular mod for Minecraft is the tough as nails mod. The mod adds things like thirst and temperature in Minecraft. This is used to make the game a lot harder in survival.

Just like how starvation acts in Minecraft, the mod adds temperature and thirst. Players will have to keep an eye on the temperature bar before exploring. Both high and low temperatures will have different effects.

Likewise, Players will also have to keep an eye on the thirst bar. Similar to how the player needs to eat to end starvation, water will fill up the thirst bar. As drinking water is only available in the mod, there is a different way to drink water. By sneaking on a water block and clicking the action button, players can restore their thirst.

Staying at an extremely high or low temperature will cause Hyperthermia or Hypothermia. If left untreated, this will slowly kill your character. Extremely high temperature causes hyperthermia, while the extremely cold temperature will cause hypothermia. To treat these effects, a portion of cold and heat resistance will negate the effect completely.

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