Minecraft: Compare Dispenser vs Dropper

minecraft dispenser vs dropper
minecraft dispenser vs dropper


Minecraft is a survival-based sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios. The game features a bunch of materials that are used to craft various blocks and structures. Players have to gather all the necessary materials using different equipment. They will then have to use a crafting table to craft different stuff. Different blocks require different materials.

After the player has successfully crafted the block, he will have to place it in a safe location. He can build a structure around these important blocks. Players can also place blocks in his inventory or in a chest. Two very important blocks in the game are Dispenser and a Dropper.

Dispenser in Minecraft

A dispenser is a solid block that acts like a Redstone component. It is used to dispense various items. Dispensers can only be mined with a pickaxe. If a player tries to mine them with some other equipment, they will only receive its contents.

A dispenser has around 9 slots of space in its inventory. Each block takes up one slot. Once activated, dispenser waits for 2 Redstone ticks (equivalent to 4 game ticks) before it shoots an item. Thanks to the Redstone mechanism, it can be used as a trap.

Dropper in Minecraft

A dropper is another block in Minecraft. It is used to eject items or push items on another container. Just like a dispenser, droppers can also be only mined with a pickaxe. If not, a dropper will only drop its contents.

Dropper also has 9 slots in its inventory. Its behavior is also very similar to the dispenser. After activation, it will wait for 2 Redstone ticks as well before ejecting the item.

Dispenser vs Dropper in Minecraft

Comparing dispenser vs dropper in Minecraft, both are awfully similar to each other. Many players think that both these blocks are the same thing. In a few cases, both of them do serve the same purpose. There’s definitely a difference between these two blocks. Mentioned below are a few aspects in which both of them are similar/different:

  1. Shape and Construction

In construction, there is one thing different between these two blocks. A dispenser has a surprised face on its front. On the other hand, a dropper has a happy face on the front. This can be used to differentiate between the two.

  1. Mechanism and Working

A dropper always drops an item. A dropper is also used to carry various items. In contrast, a dispenser can cause certain items to become entities. A dropper can be seen as a combination of dispensers and a hopper.

The main difference between the working of both is that a dropper produces an item from all the items once activated. Likewise, dispensers will summon projectiles from only applicable items.

  1. Behavior

A dropper cannot activate the items placed in it. A dispenser can activate the items placed inside it. For instance, a dropper will shoot an arrow after activation. It can also be used to set off fireworks, TNT, and much more. A dropper will never activate the items placed in the inventory.

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