Merge Dragons Challenge 5: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 5
merge dragons challenge 5

Merge Dragons is the best time killer game that you can get on your smartphone. It does not only make you spend your time in a fun way, but the game also makes you use your mind to solve all these puzzles and create a positive mood for you to last you all day long. These graphics, vibrant colors, cool animations, and immersive sounds are all that you need to get through your day. Mobile games are getting widely popular these days as you can play them anytime you get some time out of your busy schedule. All you have to do is reach out to your pocket and pull up your phone.

Merge Dragons developers are working hard to keep the game people’s favorite, and they have done a fantastic job so far over the mere time this game is out. The game focuses on constructive instincts rather than destructive, and that is probably the core reason that the merge dragon is getting its due popularity. But, to keep player’s interest, developers are introducing more levels, and there are around 30 challenge levels embedded on the map that will push you to your limits, and you can have the right sense of achievement on completing these levels.

Challenge Levels

These challenge levels are not to be taken lightly as they are named that way for a reason. These levels present a real challenge to you, and you need to be on your toes, thinking all the right things that you need to do to cover up these levels. That is why you might feel stuck at some point and want some expert guidance on these levels. There is no rocket science about these levels, as they are just another piece of the puzzle that you need to solve. But sometimes you are tired of exhausting your chalice tries for the day and want to go through these levels quickly. Here is a quick walkthrough of level 5 that contains everything there is about the level.

Merge Dragons Challenge 5

challenge 5

Merge Dragons Challenge 5 is named Lone Grove. It is a distant land full of plain green structures that have been in shadows for too long. This is Level # 30 in the order, and by the time you reach here, you must have covered pretty much in the game and have a fair idea of how things work here. Most part of the land is covered with the darkness that you need to heal. The most interesting part about this level is that you will not need to do any fancy stuff. So, for those who think that these challenge levels are all about tricks, this proves them wrong. Lone Grove is about common sense and doing small things that matter.

challenge 5

As you can see in the image above, this darkness is unlike anything that you have ever seen, and we are going to show you how you can fight it. But to start with, you must know that everything that you need to heal this land and cover the level is already there. You just need to think smartly enough to be able to fix things and be proactive. Before you begin, you must know that the chalice cost is three on this level that is pretty low compared to some advanced levels, and you might have a chance to get two tries on this level in a day.

Goal Stars

goal stars

Like every other challenge level out there, there are three goal stars on this level as well. However, you need to follow the order right away. The whole land can be healed by merging the objects that are identical. You just need to merge the objects on dead land that will also trigger the heal extenders. That way, you can heal all the land.

The first goal star that you are going to need to heal this land and cover Challenge 5 is hatch two dragons. These dragons will help you with your adventure and cure the land with you. To start with, you will need to merge grass dragon eggs. This will also trigger three heal extenders that will heal the land that you need to merge more objects on the land.

Now, the second goal is a little bit tricky for you, and you must know what you are doing. You need to activate ten heal extenders. To do so, you will need to merge things, and that is where the problem begins. Make sure to merge the objects in the right order and merge those objects that are in the dead land. This will automatically heal the land, score you the right points that you need, and make more objects for you that you can merge later. Be mindful that you need to be careful about merging objects as you cannot go randomly and merge everything you can get your hands on.

The third goal is about merging objects from dead land. The more objects you are merging from dead land, the better chances you have on covering the level. However, it is not that easy. You will need to merge objects on the dead land 11 times. Hence, you need to be careful about it. Since this is a puzzle game, you will need to merge objects that are closer to the dead land first, and that will create some magical objects that are identical to those on the dead land. This will give you a better shot at merging objects on the dead land.

End Goal

end goal

The end goal, like any other challenge level, is to create restored Gaia’s statue. You will find all the destroyed parts as you move forward to heal the land, and you can use these collected parts to create a restored Gaia’s statue to end the level.



Challenge levels earn you more precious rewards than the normal levels, making the extra efforts on these levels worth it. On completing the Lone Grove, you are going to earn Skills, Grass Dragon Egg, Skill & bones that you can use later and would be a great addition to your chest.

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