Merge Dragons Challenge 3- Explained


Merge dragons

Merge Dragons is a well-known video game published by Gram Games Limited. The game was made for Android, iOS. The game can also be easily played on Bluestacks. Merge Dragons introduces you to a unique land where you can merge pretty much everything and evolve them into astounding things.

merge dragons

In Merge Dragons, you will need to merge eggs, treasures, stars, magical flowers, trees, and even the dragon themselves to create new, and fantastic things. They will help you clear the levels.

Essentially, Merge Dragons can be regarded as a puzzle game where the player needs to merge different things. These things will help the player to heal the land which is the main goal here. As soon as a player successfully cleanses a land, he will need to merge the Gaia statues to get the ultimate win. Completing levels will grant you tons of rewards. Merging these rewards back at your camp will allow you to grow your camp even further.

Merge Dragons- Challenges

Merge Dragons introduced a new addition of challenges in the game. Challenges offer the player to complete them in a limited time frame. As the player progresses, the challenges get more and more difficult.

Winning challenges will give you a variety of rewards. You need to get the final win in a challenge to receive all the rewards, which also includes getting an awesome dragon. There are 3 wins in total for a challenge. The first win is the easiest and will give you plenty of time to finish. The second win is somewhat challenging whereas the third and final on will give you a hard time.

Merge Dragons Challenge Level 3

Challenge 3 in Merge Dragons, also known as the Outskirts 5 used to be a secret level in the game before the addition of challenges in the game. Compared to challenge level 2, this level is quite difficult. Likewise, many players seem to struggle at this particular level.


For such players, we’ve made this guide. Using this guide, you can easily clear challenge level 3 without even breaking a sweat. If you want to get all the rewards, we recommend following each step carefully. As this will be a step by step guide, where we explain each step and tell you how to win the level.

Merge Dragons Challenge Level 3 Walkthrough

For First and Second Win

The First win is quite simple and you shouldn’t need a guide for that. However, the second win gives a bit of a challenge. You’re welcome to try this method for getting both wins. You have 3 minutes and 8 seconds to make 9 blue light flowers. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Right off the bat, you will notice that you don’t have enough space to place 5 eggs. You will need to merge the 3 ruby plains grass to give you enough space.
  2. challenge level 3 merge plants
  3. Now simply tap on the basket until you can place 5 eggs. Merge these eggs together to get your ally dragon.
  4. challenge level 3 dragon
  5. Now you need to guide those dragons to help you get enough hearts, so you can heal the land.
  6. Keep harvesting the plants until you manage to get 5 bones. As soon as you get them, merge these 5 bones together to get a bunch of sprouts.
  7. challenge level 3 sprouts
  8. Now merge 5 sprouts to get plants. Repeat this process and keep harvesting. Once you get enough bones, merge them to get sprouts and so on.
  9. When you have 5 sprouts, merge them together. Once you do, you will have 2 light blue flowers. Harvest on them to get hearts and keep repeating all the process.
  10. As the number of blue light flowers is increased, you will notice the process is a lot faster now.
  11. The land will heal as you progress to make more light blue flowers.
  12. Once you have around 5 light blue flowers, you will be able to merge another 5 eggs to make more dragons.
  13. challenge level 3 more dragons
  14. You will have 4 dragons to help you now. Just keep harvesting to heal, and then merge bones, and final merge sprouts to get the blue light flowers.
  15. You should be able to have 9 blue light flowers before the time ends.
  16. Once you get all the 9 light blue flowers, you will receive an “All Land Healed” message, along with “Level Complete”.

For Final Win

The final win is much harder here as you will only have 1 minute and 56 seconds to complete the level. Getting the final win will grant you a butterfly dragon with 4 dragon power. You will have to be a lot quicker and careful here. Follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Here, ignore the plants and quickly try to merge the 3 crimson red dragon eggs you can find scattered around. Afterward, proceed to merge the 5 rock dragon as mentioned above.
  2. You will have 3 dragons to help you right off the bat. Use these dragons to harvest the plants and gather life essences.
  3. The procedure is exactly the same as the previous one. The only difference is that you have 3 dragons instead of 2 right from the beginning.
  4. Similarly, harvest plants, gather life essences, clear the land, gather 5 bones, and merge them to get sprouts. Once you have 5 sprouts, merge them together to get a light blue flower.
  5. Just make sure you are quick on this, and you should be able to finish the challenge before the time runs out. Repeat the process until you get 9 light blue flowers.
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully beat the challenge level 3 in Merge Dragons. You can now use the butterfly dragon.

challenge level 3 butterfly dragon


This was our guide on how to complete Merge Dragons challenge level 3. We’ve made sure to cover each step and provide images for a better explanation. If you didn’t mess up anything, you should be able to get all the wins on this challenge.

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