What Is Bubbling In Merge Dragons?

merge dragons bubbling
merge dragons bubbling

Merge Dragons! is a highly popular game played by millions of players on both iOS and Android smartphones. If you’re one of the many people that play the game, you may know there are a lot of different things that players have to take into account when they play Merge Dragons! One of these things is the amount of land that they use up.

The land is actually one of the most important things in the entirety of Merge Dragons! It is a very important resource and players will have to manage it well in order to make sure that they always have enough space to perform merges and other important tasks. There are multiple different things that players can try to use their land as effectively as possible. One of these things is known as bubbling.

What is Bubbling in Merge Dragons?


Bubbling is one of the most efficient ways to make sure that you don’t use too much of your already limited land in Merge Dragons. It requires players to place specific items inside of a loot orb in order to ensure that said item does not take up any more land.

How to Bubble in Merge Dragons

There are actually multiple ways that players can use in order to bubble an object. Some of these methods, along with how you can perform them, are listed below.

  1. Completely Fill the Camp

Filling up your camp with as many items as possible is an effective way of storing items in a bubble, especially items that are larger than the 1×1 scale. Just store as many objects as possible in your camp so that there simply isn’t any space left to store the item that you want to bubble. This will cause the said item to automatically be stored inside a loot bubble. This method is only for objects that are harvested.

  1. Arrange the items in Camp

The above-listed method is still possible even when a player doesn’t have enough items to completely fill their camp. You can just arrange all the existing loot that you have in a manner so that there isn’t any space to place the item that you want to bubble. For example, if you wish to bubble a 3×2 item, just arrange all the items that you currently have in a way that leaves no place for you to store the 3×2 item. This specific arrangement method only works for larger objects, meaning that you can’t use it for 1×1 items. This is due to the fact that only filling the camp with items is the only possible arrangement to merge these items.

In short, if you wish to bubble 1×1 items, try the first method. On the other hand, you could use either method you want to store the bigger items in a bubble. Lots of players tend to use the second method in order to bubble their wonders and other large objects.

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