Merge Dragons Challenge 6: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 6
merge dragons challenge 6

Merge Dragons has grown out to be one of the most popular mobile games. It is my personal favorite for all the good reasons as you release out all the stress that you have on a tough day by going through a few levels on it. The game puts your energy towards solving these magical puzzles that are focused on constructing things instead of destroying them that triggers a certain satisfactory and pleasing response for your mood. Merge Dragons got all the right reasons for you to want to play it, including all the good graphics, animations, levels of coordination, and those vibrant colors.

I mean, I am just getting started and have not even mentioned the magic on this land filled with mystical objects and, of course, dragons that you get the chance to hatch, breed, and grow. These dragons will also accompany you on your adventures and help you heal that magical land in Merge Dragons. There are lots and lots that I can keep going about the game, but that is not what you are here for.

Challenge Levels

Developers on Merge Dragons have taken it to their heart to keep the game alive, and they are leaving no stones unturned to make it the most popular mobile game that has ever existed. There are three different kinds of levels on this game that include regular levels, challenge levels, and secret levels. Challenge levels are represented by a goblet on the map, and you unlock them as you continue your adventures to explore those distant magical lands on the map of the game and heal that with your magical abilities to merge objects and, of course, with the help of your dragons. These challenge levels are a tad bit difficult than regular levels that you might be seeing and covering while you are at the game, and that is why you can do with some extra help.

Merge Dragons Challenge 6

challenge 6

There are 30 challenge levels in merge dragons spread over the map. Challenge Level 6 is at Level 36, and this is where the game begins for you. This is one of the very starting hard levels that you are going to get, and you need to be well prepared for it. Needless to say, that it will give you all the right experience that you are going to need as you move forward with the game. The chalice cost on this level is five that is pretty high for you if you have just reached level 36, and you are probably going to get only one chance a day at this level. In case of failure, you will have to wait a whole day to get another try, and that is obviously not something that you want.

challenge 6

As you can see in the pic above, the land is a straight patch. However, the difficulty starts with trying to heal it the right way. One slight mistake can cost you your attempt at this level, and you will be left waiting for a whole day to give it a go again. You need to heal all the land by covering the set goals gradually. The level is not that hard, but it can get a bit tough for those who have just unlocked this level as you might be getting some new objects to merge that you have no idea of before. Challenge Levels are a puzzle, but Quarry 4 is something that you would need and want additional help with.

Goal Stars

You are going to cover these Goal Stars gradually to be able to cover the end goal that is pretty much the same for every challenge level but contains a different path and different complexities for each level.

You need to start with the first goal that is hatching Crimson Dragon Whelps. You are going to merge 5 Crimson Dragon eggs that will hatch 3 Crimson Dragon Whelps. These Crimson dragon whelps are going to come in handy as you move forward with the level, so you better do it right.

Moving to the second goal, this is the time where you are going to need those Crimson Dragon Whelps. You need to start with merging life flower sprouts that will heal the land and unlock it for you. You will need to farm those life flowers on the dead land to heal it. Now, you will face some trouble with Lifeless rocks. There are five lifeless rocks on the level that you are going to destroy using your Crimson Dragon Whelps. Once you do that, you will need to Merge hearts by 5. This will create a level 3 Orb that is going to heal the land for you and create life on it.

The third goal is pretty much simple; you will need to merge the three remaining Crimson Dragon eggs that you have spared and then scatter bone piles for them to grow on it. Once you have done that, you will have pretty much everything covered, and you can move forward to your end goal.

End Goal

end goal

While you found all the pieces of Gaia’s statue on previous levels by the time you were done completing those goal stars, things are not that simple on this level. You will still have some land to heal and more pieces to collect after getting done with those goal stars. Now, you will need to move Gaia’s statue off to a side and heal all the land. Then, you can proceed with merging the parts and creating restored Gaia’s statue. This will cover the level for you, and you will ace it.



Rewards are something that makes all this effort worth it. Besides giving you the right motivation, you are going to need these rewards to proceed further in the game. This level offers you some pretty good rewards that are going to come in handy as you move forward with the game. You will be awarded a Fresh Stone and Rock Dragon egg upon completion of Merge Dragons Challenge 6, AKA Quarry 4.

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