What Is The Zen Temple In Merge Dragons?

merge dragons zen temple
merge dragons zen temple

Temples are harvestable items that grant players with good rewards after a specific amount of time. The type of reward and amount of time it takes to gain them varies depending upon the variation of the Zen Temple in question. If you wish to learn more about these Zen Temples and how you can get them, check out the guide below.

Different Types of Zen Temple in Merge Dragons

There are 13 different variations of the Zen Temple in Merge Dragons! Each of these is better than the last depending on their level and is a great addition to any player’s camp. Here’s a bit more information about how you can get the Small Zen Temple and upgrade it to the point where it becomes a wonder.

Small Zen Temple

small zen temple

The Small Zen Temple is the first item in the Zen Temple merge chain. It is also the only item classified as ‘uncommon’’ in the entire chain. Players can only buy this item once from the store for a total of 250 magical gems. There’s no other possibility to buy it from the store after it has been purchased once, so take good care of the Small Zen Temple and make sure that you don’t sell it by accident.

Players will also get another Small Zen Temple once they’ve cleared all the dead land in their camp. They are also offered as rewards in special events or can be purchased from Kala every now and then. The first reward that the Small Zen Temple offers will be a Mystical Dragon Egg. After receiving this reward, players can harvest the temple every 5 minutes in order to receive topsoil.

Zen Temple

zen temple

This is the second item in the chain and can only be obtained by upgrading the Small Zen Temple. Players don’t have to merge the Small Zen Temple in order to gain the Zen Temple. Instead, they can simply upgrade it to a Zen Temple for 5 Dragon Gems. Much like the Small Zen Temple, this also offers a Mystical Dragon Egg once obtained. The Zen Temple also offers topsoil every 4 minutes, which is a whole minute less than the previous level.

Nice Zen Temple

nice zen temple

The Nice Zen Temple is a significant upgrade over the Zen Temple. It offers 3 Mystical Dragon Eggs if there are 3 spaces next to it when obtained. It also offers topsoil every 2 minutes, which is half the time of the Zen Temple. Players can get it by upgrading the Nice Zen Temple for 15 Dragon Gems.

Large Zen Temple

large zen temple

Large Zen Temples can be gained by upgrading Nice Zen Temples for a total of 40 Dragon Gems. They offer a single Mystical Dragon Whelp when players obtain them for the first time and provide a Level 1 hill once harvested after every 5 minutes.

Temple of Peace

temple of peace

The Temple of Peace is the 5th level of the Zen Temple merge chain and offers the same rewards as its predecessor. It offers a single Mystical Dragon Whelp once obtained, but unlike the previous level, it offers a level 1 hill every 4 minutes as opposed to every 5 minutes. It can be gained by using 60 Dragon Gems to upgrade the Large Zen Temple.

Temple of Tranquillity

temple of tranquility

This is the 6th level of the chain and has an Epic rarity level. Once again, the rewards are similar to the previous level. The Temple of Tranquillity offers a Mystical Dragon Whelp when players attain it for the first time. However, players can get a level 1 hill every 3 minutes rather than 4 minutes. It can be earned by upgrading the previous temple for 75 gems.

Temple of Balance

temple of balance

This temple can be attained by upgrading the Temple of Tranquillity for a total of 145 Dragon Gems. It is another significant upgrade over the previous level and gives 2 Mystical Dragon Whelps when a player gets it. It also provides users with Drake’s Ridge, which is an upgraded version of the hill, after every 5 minutes.

Temple of Honour

temple of honor

It actually takes less Dragon Gems to reach this stage, as players will only need to use 75 Dragon Gems in order to upgrade the Temple of Balance. It offers one Mystical Dragon Whelp when attained and provides a Drake’s Ridge every 4 minutes.

Temple of Spirit

temple of spirit

This is quite similar to the previous temple in this merge chain. The Temple of Spirit offers the same rewards as the previous stage, but the difference is that it provides the Drake’s Ridge after every 3 minutes. Upgrade the previous stage for 75 Dragon Gems in order to get this.

Temple of Unity

temple of unity

You’ll get this temple by upgrading the previous level in the chain for 75 Dragon Gems. It gives a single Mystical Dragon Whelp once obtained and an Elwind’s Knoll after every 7 minutes.

Temple of Enlightenment

grand temple of enlightenment

This is one of the last stages of the merge chain and gives 2 Mystical Dragon Whelps after it is attained. The Temple of Enlightenment offers an Elwind’s Knoll after every 5 and a half minutes and can be created by upgrading the Temple of Unity for 145 Dragon Gems.


shangri la

This is the 12th stage of the merge chain and requires a lot of Dragon Gems in order to create. To be more specific, players will need a total of 375 Dragon Gems in order to upgrade the Temple of Enlightenment and create it. It offers an Elwin’s Knoll after every 4 minutes.

It offers a lot of rewards upon the initial taps. These rewards include a Mystical Dragon Kid, a Cloudy Summit, a Mystical Dragon Egg, a Great Life Orb, and lastly, a Small Zen Temple in case you wish to start the cycle once again.



This is the final level of the entire Zen Temple chain and is the 14th wonder of Merge Dragons! It is significantly hard to gain due to the fact that you need to merge 3 Shangri-La in order to get one. You can tap on it after every 10 hours to get great rewards, including a Magic Coin, a Glowing Chest, a single Mystical Dragon Egg, and a Giant Life Flower. Shambala is also harvestable for a Garden Summit once every 6 minutes. The initial rewards also include another Small Zen Temple which you can use to start the chain once again.

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