Merge Dragons Challenge 28: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 28
merge dragons challenge 28

Merge Dragons Challenge 28

A game about merging dragons, exploring worlds, and healing Gaia statues offers a new way to challenge the players referred to as challenge levels.

Challenge levels test a player’s memory and thinking ability. It bounds you to a time limit that shrinks the further you progress.

Having a similar first, second, and final win. Clearing the challenge rewards a player with more precious loot for bringing back to their camps for greater enhancements.


Challenges are difficult to clear. So this article will provide you a step by step overview on how to clear challenge 28.

1) The first thing as always is making sure you have enough Dragon Chalice to attempt the First Win. After collecting the three Dragon Chalices you can proceed with your attempt at the First Win.

2) After entering the level you will make sure to take note of its goals. Which are creating a Gaia statue within six minutes and thirty-four seconds.

step 3

3) Giving the landmass a thorough sweep and taking note of every single element. Your very first merge will be turning three Life Flower Sprouts – Level 1 into a Life Flower – Level 2 as shown in the image.

4) Next, you will create your first dragon by merging the three Gargoyle Dragon Eggs.

5) Merging the eggs will create more space. Allowing your Life Flowers – Level 2 to merge into a Blue Life Flower – Level 3. This merger will give birth to a life essence that will heal a single element on the landmass.

6) Picking up the two unlocked Ruby Plains Grass merge them with the third one on the bottom of the landmass to create a Life Flower Sprout. Now merge the three Life Flower Sprouts – Level 1 into a Life Flower – Level 2.

7) Your harvesting of the Blue Life Flower – Level 3 will provide you with a number of life essences. Combine five of them to create two Tiny Life Orbs – Level 1.

8) Breaking a Tiny Life Orb on the right and another near the Crimson Dragon Egg will heal some portion of the eggs. Breaking two more life essences will finally unlock the Crimson Dragon Egg. Merge it with the other two to create your second dragon. Similarly, on the right side merge the three Roc Eggs into a third dragon.

9) The next step is to harvest your Blue Life Flowers for more life essences. You will also be grinding your bushes for bones to create Life Flower Sprouts. The process of healing and merging Life Flower Sprouts will go on until you have five Life Flowers – Level 2. Merge them all to create two Blue Life Flowers – Level 3.

10) After creating the Blue Life Flowers you will resume the process of harvesting them. Collecting Life Essences and merging them into Tiny Life Orbs will continue until you have five of them. Take four of these Tiny Life Orbs – Level 1 and merge them with the fifth on the right side of the landmass to create two Small Life Orbs – Level 2. The merger will also heal some land.

11) Now the grind resumes. You create Life Flower Sprouts merge them into Life Flowers. Harvest Life essences and merge them into Tiny Life Orbs which will then give you Small Life Orbs – Level 2. Break them to heal the land. This process will go on until you have five Blue Life Flowers – Level 3. Take four of these flowers and merge them with a fifth locked one to create two Glowing Life Flowers – Level 4. The process will give birth to a few life essences that will help with the healing.

12) You will continue the process of harvesting and healing thus unlocking your first Gaia statue.

step 13

13) Next, you will repeat the same process of merging, harvesting, and healing until your second Gaia Statue heals. Merge the two Gaia Statues with the third locked one to clear the First Win in time.

Completing the Fist Win, the Second Wins Dragon Chalice cost remains the same. The quest completion requirement is similarly creating a Gaia statue. The only difference being the time allotted shrinks from the initial six minutes and thirty-four seconds to just five minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

The step by step guide for clearing the second win is down below:

1) The first few steps are done by following the First Win guide to the tee. But your actions are required to be more time-efficient. The first little shortcut you can take is merging two Bones with a third locked one on the bottom of the landmass to create a Life Flower Sprout – Level 1. This merger will heal a single patch of land. It will also clear a path directly to a Gaia Statue.

2) Next, you will similar to the First Win continue the merging and healing process until you have unlocked two of the three Roc Eggs. Merge the three eggs together to create your second dragon.

3) The next step through the healing and merging grind is to create the third dragon. We can do that by first unlocking some space to allow for a merger. That can be achieved by merging three Bones into a Life Flower Sprout. After creating the space the three Crimson Dragon Eggs are merged to create the final dragon.

challenge 28

4) Next, you will create two Blue Life Flowers – Level 3 and merge them with the third Blue Life Flower beside a Gaia Statue to create a Glowing Life Flower – Level 4.

5) While tapping the Opening Prism Flowers – Level 3 you will facilitate the land’s healing. Also, the process of merging and harvesting will continue.

6) Now, the next few steps follow a similar pattern to the First Win. You will keep on merging Tiny Life Orbs – Level 1 into a Small Life Orb – Level 2. The moment you have four Small Life Orbs you will merge three of them to create a Life Orb – Level 3. Immediately break it to heal large patches of land.

7) Now the only thing left is to create as much healing essence as you possibly can before the time runs out. Heal the Gaia statues. Merge them to clear the Second Win within its time limit. Keep in mind that merging a large number of Life Flower Sprouts will give you a loot Orb which will provide extra healing.

The third and final win demands you to complete the stage in only four minutes and thirty-five seconds.

The whole process of clearing the stage is similar to that of the Second Win just faster. You have to be efficient in every step you take to conserve time.

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