Merge Dragons Challenge 2- Explained


Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is a very popular game for Android and iOS. As the name suggests, the main idea of the game is to allow players to merge things and evolve something wondrous out of it. According to the game’s lore, lands are completely void of life. The only way to breathe life into these lands is through your own magical powers. Similarly, you can use these magical powers by merging things.

As a matter of fact, Merge Dragon’s is more of a puzzle game. Players have to solve puzzles by merging different things. When they have cleansed the land and matched the Gaia Statue, they clear a level. After clearing a level, players can collect the bounty given to them and bring it in their very own dragon camps.

Players can even merge bounties to grow their camp into something bigger. For a dragon to spawn, players must merge two eggs. These dragons will then help players to heal the land and aid them in winning the level. Dragons can also be merged together to create a brand new, and powerful dragon.

Merge Dragons- Challenge Levels

In Merge Dragons, levels are one of the main aspects of the game. To play a level, the player needs to spend dragon chalice. The exact amount can be viewed right below the play button. A recent addition to the game was challenge levels. Challenge levels are in the form of a gray goblet in the world map. The cost of the chalice for challenge levels may be different than regular levels.

Every single challenge level has a limited time for completion. Players failing to do so in the given time frame need to try again. After completing a challenge level, a dragon is given as a reward, along with the next challenge level being unlocked.

Merge Dragons Challenge Level 2

The challenge 2 in Merge Dragons is also known as Haven’s End. The level is pretty simple and straightforward. Surprisingly, beginners seem to struggle on this challenge level. They run out of time before they can proceed to merge the Gaia statues.

challenge level 2

Unfortunately, these players have no idea how to successfully clear the level. Due to this reason, today’s article will be focused on teaching players how to easily challenge level 2 in Merge Dragons. Keep in mind this is a complete step by step guide of clearing the challenge level, so make sure to follow:

Merge Dragons Challenge Level 2 Walkthrough

  1. First and Second Win

For the first win, you will have plenty of time (1min 2secs). To successfully win the challenge follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, drag the eggs in such a way that you merge all 5 of the eggs. Here is an image showing you how:
  2. challenge level 2 drag eggs
  3. After merging the eggs, you will now have 2 dragons to help you. Get these dragons to help you with the blue light flowers. Make sure to do as many hearts as you can. Keep in mind the clock is running, and you have limited time.
  4. challenge level 2 dragons blue flowers
  5. The main goal here is to heal the land in the given time frame before you can move on to merge the statues. Merge all the hearts when you think you’ve gathered enough. You should now have around 5 of the basic hearts. Once done, now you only have to worry little about what’s left.
  6. Merge the basic hearts to successfully get 2 purple hearts.
  7. Now you should be able to heal all of the lands. Use the 2 purple hearts you managed to get and heal the land.
  8. challenge level 2 heal land
  9. As soon as it is possible for you to merge the statues, do it.
  10. Once you’ve managed to merge the Gaia statue, you should get the message on your screen that you have successfully healed all the land, followed by a level complete message.
  11. You have successfully cleared the first win of challenge level 2

Final Win

For the final win, the player only has 46 seconds to clear the level. This can be pretty hard if the player has no idea what he has to do. Winning will grant him a crimson dragon with a dragon power of 15. If you are interested in the final win of Merge Dragons level 2, follow these steps:

  1. You only have 46 seconds for this level, so as soon as your press the play button, get ready. Follow the same first step, and merge the 5 eggs to get 2 dragons.
  2. Proceed on directing those dragons to harvest the blue light flowers. Once you have 5 life essences, merge them together.
  3. Merging 5 of them will give you 2 basic hearts. Move these basic hearts to somewhere accessible. Keep on harvesting the blue light flowers as you do this.
  4. Once you have another 5 of these life essences, merge them again. You will now have one more basic heart.
  5. Merge the 3 basic hearts and heal the land on the left. Likewise, move the rock egg to the bottom right and successfully merge it with the other. Here’s an image explaining how:
  6. challenge level 2 merge rocks
  7. Finally, you can merge the three Gaia statues together for getting the final win. Not to mention, if you’ve followed the steps correctly, and haven’t wasted any time, you should be able to do it under 46 seconds.
  8. challenge level 2 merge statues
  9. Congratulations! You can now use the crimson dragon.


This was our guide to clear the challenge level 2 on Merge Dragons. For the first 2 wins, the challenge level is pretty simple and easy. You can use the first method for getting both wins. However, the last win offers you a much less time frame. But it shouldn’t be any problem if you have followed our guide.

Make sure to check out our other guides on Merge Dragons, as we have done plenty of them. Moreover, if there’s anything you didn’t understand, just leave a comment and we will be sure to answer it.

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