Merge Dragons Challenge 24: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 24
merge dragons challenge 24

Merge Dragons is a widely popular game that is gaining the name among mobile gamers for all good reasons. The game allows you to merge magical objects using your unique ability to merge almost anything. You will need to create some new objects and put them towards healing the land of death and darkness. The game has got some pretty cool graphics, SFX, and animations that make it good for your stress and you can pass your time anywhere you are.

Merge Dragons is available to be played both on Android and iOS and is an online game. That leaves you with tons of opportunity to play it against players all over the world that would be a better sense of competition for you and you can excel in the game with goals set for you. There are hundreds of levels on Merge Dragons that make things even more interesting for you and you cannot simply resist keeping your hands off the game. To your surprise, there are some challenge levels also introduced in the game.

Challenge Levels

Among three different types of levels in the game that are regular levels, you will also have to go through some secret levels that are hidden underneath several items on the map and will show upon tapping them. Then, there are 30 challenge levels on the map as well as represented by a goblet. These challenge levels are spread out randomly on the map and present you an opportunity to not only play some unique levels but a chance to earn better rewards as well. These levels also require a chalice cost to attempt these levels like any other level in the game.

Merge Dragons Challenge 24

challenge 24

Merge Dragons Challenge 24 seems like a reminder to those basic levels you have been playing before. It is a straight forward level also known as Grimshire 7. It comes at Level 163 so you can be very well prepared for a complicated level when you reach here but that is not what you are going to get. Many people waste time on this level trying to be smarter than they are but that is not required as well on this level. All you need to do is be careful here and choose your moves smartly to make it work. Just be careful and don’t make any silly mistakes at all.

challenge 24

On the level, you get three diagonal shaped islands that re interconnected with dead land in the middle. This dead land would not require any special kind of treatment and will simply be healed by merging objects with identical objects on the dead land. The magic will do the rest for you in the process of putting life in the level. Due to less difficulty, the chalice cost on this level is pretty low. You will have to pay 1 chalice only to attempt the level. But that does not mean that you have to waste a chalice here at all. Just be witty enough to complete the goals, bag your rewards, and make the worth of your chalice count.

Goal Stars

Like every other challenge level, there are 3 goals that would earn you a star. These goals are connected and not connected as well to the completion of the level in a strange way. You can either go through the way of earning these goal stars to finish the level with an optimal score or choose a strategy that might skip any of these goal stars. But it is wise to earn as much as you can from these challenge levels.

Goal 1

The first goal to earn a star on this level is pretty simple. You just need to merge the emerald plains grass together to create a life flower sprout. Them you will need to merge Life flower sprouts to create a life flower. This life flower will be merged to get a Blue life flower. There are 2 Blue life flowers at the very right that you can merge this with to get a Glowing life flower. Then, you will have to merge these blue life flowers to get the Twin Life flowers. Your first goal will be completed here, earning you a star.

Goal 2

The second goal is to create 2 fruit tree saplings. While there are no special treatments required on this level, Fruit tree saplings can be hard to create. You will need to activate the heal extenders to unlock the dragon egg nests. These egg nests will be used to get dragon eggs that you are going to merge to get some dragons. When you get these dragons, you can harvest them to get some life orbs. Now, these orbs will be used to heal the super dead land, and get the fruit tree saplings.

Goal 3

Goal 3 is a simple one, but it is not for you if you are looking to achieve a time-bound challenge. That means you can either complete the level in time or get the third-star goal. So, if you are not running late, you will need to harvest bushes for magic shroom caps. Harvesting can take some time as you need to create 2 magic shroom clusters. Once the harvesting takes it time and you have enough magic shroom caps to merge, you will need to merge them together for 2 magic shroom clusters to satisfy the third-star goal.

End Goal

end goal

The end goal is simple, like any other challenge level out there. You just need to create a restored Gaia’s statue. You will find all the pieces of destroyed Gaia’s statue on dead and super dead land when you heal it with your magical merging abilities and you can use all those pieces to create the statue again.

Possible Rewards

You get to earn some pretty cool rewards at the end of this level as well. These rewards include Dragon tree seeds, Roc Egg, Deathly hallow tree, and a lot more.

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