Merge Dragons Challenge 25: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 25
merge dragons challenge 25

Merge Dragons is getting extremely popular because this is unlike any other game out there. The gameplay focuses on constructive stories rather than destructive elements of violence. The game is a complete package with all sorts of puzzles, great graphics, and a magical story in it that would make you fall for it any day. That is the reason, Merge Dragons are being played by millions of users worldwide and the number is growing with each passing day. Merge Dragons got some magic in the air, which would make it hard for you to resist it.

The game got vibrant colors, superb graphics, perfectly embedded animations, and SFX that make it a bliss for your eyes. You get a chance to explore the magical world of Merge Dragons that is spread over a map with all sorts of magical levels. There are hundreds of levels on the map that you can play to keep you immersed in the game all day long. Not only that, but there are also different sorts of levels in the game to make things more interesting.

Challenge Levels

There are basically three types of levels in the game. To start with there are normal levels that you can play and unlock them as you proceed. Then there are secret levels hidden underneath multiple objects on the map. Then you get a chance at these cool challenge levels. These challenge levels are easy enough for you to play with as they are of random difficulty level but require a certain chalice cost to attempt them that you must pay. But you also get a chance to earn some pretty cool rewards upon completion so you must tap on these goblets when you can.

Merge Dragons Challenge 25

challenge 25

Cloudlands are everyone’s favorite who plays or have ever played the game. They are a magical land in the mystic clouds that give you the right feel to be among the clouds in the sky. These lands are distant from the ordinary lands that you might get a chance at. The best part about these lands is that there is no dead or super dead land here. Instead, the land is covered with dense clouds that you need to heal away to protect the land and unleash the secrets lying below. Merge Dragons challenge 25 is also known as cloudland4 this level is found in the cloud brackets featuring mystic cloud keys. It is at Level 168, so you must have covered some levels in the cloud keys by now.

challenge 25

As you can see, there are several islands in the level with 3 of them covered with dense clouds. Your goal is to clear those clouds with your magical healing abilities. The level is a bit complicated and you need to be extra vigilant while you are attempting this level. You will need to keep an eye on the ever-merging Grass Turfs as they can change into unwanted Necromancer Grass that would make you lose your attempt at the level. The Chalice cost on this level is 3 Chalice so you obviously don’t want to lose that way.

Goal Stars

The best part about these challenge levels is that you get a chance to earn three stars. Each star is linked with a goal that you need to complete and you can earn this star. While these goals are not connected to the end goal or completion of the level, however, it does not hurt to earn something extra while you are spending that chalice on this level and working towards optimal rewards in the level. That is why you must consider these goals carefully.

Goal 1

Goal 1 on this level is pretty simplistic and ordinary. However, the way to reach there is not that simple and easy. You need to start by tapping the Ancient dragon skull for unearthed skeletons and scatter them. Then, you will need to merge bones into life flower sprouts until you have enough of them to create 5 life flowers. Once you have the flowers, you will need to merge them to make 2 blue life flowers. You will find one blue life flowers on the middle island that you can merge these two with to get a glowing life flower to satisfy the first goal.

Goal 2

At Goal 2 you are actually beginning the game. Now, the goal is to create 2 small life orbs. To create these orbs, you need to be careful not to let grass tuffs grow too much. You need to start by merging the golden dragon eggs. Then, use the lawn grass to unlock the upper islands quickly before it turns into necromancer grass. Once you have done that, you will need to harvest enough life essence that would heal this island. Ding that will create the life orbs for you that you need and you can earn another star from this level.

Goal 3

If you have completed the first two goals successfully, this one should be easy enough for you. You need to create opening prism flowers. The process would be much convenient for you since you have completed the prior goals. You will have all the stuff you need, so you need to merge the seeds of prism flower and merge the sprouting prism flowers with prism flower buds. These will be used to unlock the lower right island as well, which would help you in the completion of the level.

End Goal

end goal

Now, the end goal is to create a restored Gaia’s statue and that should be easy enough for you. You need to heal all the land from those mystic clouds to start with. Once you have done it right, you will need to destroy one of two Demon Gates. Here, you can merge three Gaia’s statues and you will complete the level.

Possible Rewards

The Challenge level rewards well, and this level has something special in rewards for you. You will get a chance to earn a bonus, Roc Egg, or a Life orb upon completion of this level.

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