Merge Dragons Challenge 29: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 29
merge dragons challenge 29

Merge Dragons! isn’t all about the main levels that it features. There are also a lot of side levels and activities that players can try out and play in order to earn some extra rewards. These levels and activities can usually be accessed at any point in the game, so you can play them even after you are done with the main levels.

One of the most popular extra features in Merge Dragons! are the challenge levels. These are extra levels that are greatly similar to the main stages. They are relatively new to the game, as they were added in the Version 2.0.2 update of Merge Dragons and are a great way for players to earn very helpful rewards to help them progress in the game. However, completing these challenge levels is much easier said than done.

All of the challenge levels in the game must be completed under a set amount of time. This means that players must be at the top of their game when playing these levels. A player’s full focus is required to complete these levels and the slightest of errors are more than enough to ruin the whole level. Some of these challenge missions are more difficult than others. One difficult level in particular is Challenge 29.

How to Clear Challenge Level 29 in Merge Dragons

challenge 29

Challenge level 29 is named as Craven Crypt 13. It is actually one of the shortest challenge levels out there, but that doesn’t mean that it is less difficult to clear as compared to the others. In fact, it’s the other way around due to the fact that you don’t have much time to clear the mission, and everything is Super Dead Land. Like most levels, the main goal of Challenge 29 is to restore the Destroyed Gaia Statue. Here is a detailed guide that can help you do this.

  • You’ll notice that there are a lot of Dragon Portals on the left-hand side of the level. These are fairly well-arranged, meaning that all you have to do is switch the positioning of both the portals in the middle with one another. This will allow you to create a merge of 5 with both types of the portal, which will ultimately summon 4 dragons.
  • There will be a Petrified Rotten Zomblin located near the position of the portals that you recently merged. Merge this with the other 2 Petrified Rotten Zomblins which are located right beside it.
  • Destroy the Zomblin that you will have created as a result of the merge you performed in the previous move.
  • Now you’ll need to get and use Heal Extenders in order to advance. In order to do this, merge the 3 Fresh Graves with one another.
  • Once again, you’ll have to merge 3 Petrified Rotten Zomblins like in one of the previous steps. This time, you will be required to merge the 3 Petrified Rotten Zomblins which are located near the Fresh Graves that you just merged.
  • Kill the Zomblin that you created after you completed the previous step.
  • You’ll have to perform a similar merge to then one which you performed a few steps ago. Simply merge the 3 Fresh Graves that you’ll now have after destroying the Zomblin that you created. This will give you another Heal Extender which you can use to advance. Activate the Heal Extender.
  • This time, you’re going to have to perform a merge on the 3 Petrified Swamp Zomblins.
  • Performing the last step will create yet another Zomblin. You’ll obviously have to destroy this one as well.
  • Now is when you’ll have to start doing a little bit of hard work in order to get more Heal Extenders. Merge both the Corwin’s Tombs and Lost Soul’s Graves in groups of 3. This will allow you to get more Heal Extender which will allow you to progress a little further towards the end of the level.
  • Activate the Heal Extenders that you got in the previous step.
  • You’ll be merging Zomblins once again in the step. Simply merge the Petrified Dragon Eater Zomblins in order to advance.
  • Kill the resulting Zomblin that was formed in the last step.
  • You’ll have to merge the Corwin’s Tomb and Lost Soul’s Grave yet again in groups of three one more time in this move, however, you’ll also have to merge the 3 Doom Crosses. This will give you the last Heal Extender that you need to near the end of Challenge Level 29.
  • Activate the Heal Extender which you unlocked in the previous step.
  • Now all you have to do is merge the Destroyed Gaia Statues and then the level will be complete.

level complete

As you can see, Challenge 29 is actually quite easy. You mainly have to perform similar steps over and over again in order to complete it. The only downside is the fact that there is a lot of Super Dead Land that you have to heal and there isn’t much time to do so. However, you’ll be more than fine if you just follow all the steps given above in a hurry.

Extra Goals in Challenge 29

Just like most other levels, Challenge 29 also has 3 extra goals that players can complete for extra rewards. These three goals require you to destroy 4 Zomblins throughout the course of the level. On top of this, you’ll also have to heal all the land in the entire level and create 2 Doom Crosses in order to fulfill all 3 extra objectives and get the goal stars. This may sound difficult, but the step-by-step walkthrough given above will help you complete all three of these and get the extra rewards.

Rewards for Completing Challenge 29

Speaking of rewards, there are exactly three different possible rewards that players can get for completing this challenge level. These rewards include a Life Orb, Grimm Chest, and a Rock Dragon Egg. All of these are helpful and have their own different uses.

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