Lonely Winter vs Bone Chilling WoW: What’s The Difference?

lonely winter vs bone chilling wow
lonely winter vs bone chilling wow

Mage is one of the most fun classes to play in the world of warcraft. You can choose from 3 specs fire, frost, and Arcane. Each of these specs has its areas in which they excel. However, the majority of the player base prefers to play as a frost mage.

It can provide your team with a lot of utility by slowing enemy movement and making them an easy target for a quick burst. In this article, we will be going over a few differences between bone-chilling and lonely winter so you can decide which one will consistently maximize your DPS.

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Lonely Winter vs Bone Chilling

Lonely Winter

This is one of the skills you can choose as a frost mage. By using this skill, you can no longer summon your pet. But this increases the damage of some of your other spells by over 25 percent. This is a passive spell and can have a meaningful contribution to your overall DPS.

Most people however just prefer to have a pet because they do not have to worry about keeping up all that extra passive damage. But if you believe that your pet is weak and is not doing enough then you can use this skill to enhance your spell DPS.

This is mostly recommended for players that do not like having a pet following them around. Even though a pet can prove to be incredibly useful in battlegrounds. It all just comes down to personal preference. The skills that experience an increase in their damage are Frost bolt, Flurry, and ice lance. Which are some of your main spells and boosting them can improve your DPS quite a bit.

The water elemental that you summon can use freeze on enemies, it hinders their movement speed and gives you time to burst them quite easily. In the end, it just depends upon your build as a Frost mage.

Bone Chilling 

Bone-chilling can be quite useful if you prefer to play with a pet. Even though lonely winter can prove to be better at a higher level of gameplay, most casual players prefer to have their pet around for frost nova. It does not mean that you cannot grind the end game content with Bone chilling. Rather in some cases, Bone-Chilling can have more DPS than lonely winter.

It all comes down to your gear and skill, If your skill rotation is perfect then it will be quite easy for you to consistently be putting out more damage than a frost mage using lonely winter. At lower gear levels Bone-chilling outperforms lonely winter. Also, it is easier for new players to play with a pet that keeps the aggro off of your character.

What you have to ask yourself is whether or not you’re willing to go through with the tradeoff of your pet for some extra damage potential. If you don’t like having a pet altogether then lonely winter might be the better option otherwise you can perform just as well with Bone-Chilling.

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