Goblin vs Gnome Engineering WoW: What’s The Difference?

goblin vs gnome engineering wow
goblin vs gnome engineering wow

There are just so many different things you can do in the world of warcraft. So many ways you can customize your character to perfectly match your playstyle. You can choose from several specializations and experiment with what works the best for you. This is one of the main reasons why this game has not died for almost two decades.

We will be going through a few differences between Goblin engineering and Gnome engineering. To make it easier for the players to decide whether they should go for Gnome engineering or Goblin engineering.

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Goblin vs Gnome Engineering WoW

Goblin Engineering

It is one of the two specs you can choose from when you hit the level and skill requirements. You have to go through 3 phases to completely become a goblin engineer. These phases include the referral, pledge and finally showing your work. It can take a bit of time to go through all these steps. Especially in the last step, you have to gather a lot of materials to craft the items mentioned in the quest. So, be prepared to grind out for those materials.

One of the major differences between Goblin engineering and Gnome engineering is that with Goblin engineering you focus more on explosives. This just makes goblins a better choice if you want your character to focus on winning PvP duels. But choosing goblin spec will mean that you would not have all the utility items that Gnome spec offers.

As far as PvE is concerned it does not matter much whether you’re a gnome engineer or a goblin engineer. So, if you want to specialize in explosives and win more PvP duels without spending money on Sapper charges; then goblin spec is the way to go.

Gnome Engineering

Just like goblin engineering you have to do the 3 requirements to become a gnome engineer. So, If you were looking to somehow bypass the grind then you are in for a surprise. As mentioned before this spec specializes in utility devices that can help you a lot.

These devices may include the mind control cap and shrink ray that are extremely handy to have on your character. But the best thing about this choice is that at any point you can unlearn one spec and start learning the other.

This is one of the main reasons why you see so many goblin engineers in the game. The vast majority of players just go for the Gnome spec first and make all of these useful items. After you have crafted these expensive items just unlearn the Gnome spec and start leveling up your goblin.

This will give you benefits from both sides of the spec and you wouldn’t have to waste extra gold on buying these items at inflated prices. So all you have to do is first go for the gnome spec and craft yourself utility items and switch back to goblin spec and level it up to make powerful explosives that can help you win PvP fights more consistently.

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