Lei Shen Displacement Pad Not Working In WoW: 3 Fixes

lei shen displacement pad not working wow
lei shen displacement pad not working wow

World of Warcraft’s fourth expansion was the Mists of Pandaria, which came out several years ago. The expansion itself was fairly well received and had lots of memorable things about it that you’ll still find very enjoyable even today. One of the many things introduced in the Mists of Pandaria was Lei Shen, who was the secondary antagonist of the whole storyline. Players got to fight Lei Shen as well through the Throne of Thunder raid mission.

To finally get to him, players had to use a displacement pad after clearing out a specific area. But sometimes, this displacement pad wouldn’t work which meant that players couldn’t get to him. This is an issue that’s still present even today when you try to complete the Throne of Thunder raid. If you’re one of the thousands of players that have encountered it over the years, here’s everything you need to know about fixing the problem.

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Solving Lei Shin Displacement Pad Not Working in WoW

  1. Try Relogging

A relog is one of the best ways of fixing just about any bug in World of Warcraft. The game certainly has its fair share of problems, but a majority of them can be fixed by simply relogging if the issue is a glitch or a bug. As this is a bug and a rather popular one at that, you should be able to solve it by relogging as well.

Relogging is simply a shorter means of referring to the process of logging out of one’s account and then signing back into it once again. Players just need to do this and they’ll be able to get the displacement pad working once again. Just make sure to wait a few minutes before logging back in after you’ve logged out.

  1. Reset the Environment

A great means of resetting the environment of the raid is to leave its general vicinity for a while and coming back to it at a later time. There are many problems like this one related to displacement pads, and players have been able to solve a good chunk of them by doing something as simple as leaving the area of the raid.

Try to go outside of the Throne of Thunder raid and coming back several minutes later. The recommended amount of time that players should wait is 30 minutes. After this half an hour has passed, come back to the location to see if everything has reset and if the displacement pad is working this time around.

  1. Reset the UI

Another great solution that is very easy to try out is resetting the UI by yourself through manual commands. This sounds much more complicated than it actually is, as all players have to do is type in a word and enter it into the chatbox. This command is ‘’/reload’’ without the quotation marks. Type this into the chat box and enter it for the command to work, and for the displacement, pad to work as well.

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