4 Ways To Fix Darkblaze Not Dying Bug In WoW

darkblaze not dying wow
darkblaze not dying wow

Darkblaze is one of several bosses that have been added to World of Warcraft over the many years since the game’s initial release. He is a part of the quest and is the titular character of it as well. This is the quest known as Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker.

The character himself is a fiery dragon that is quite difficult to beat, but even more so due to a popular bug surrounding the character. This is a bug that makes it impossible for players to kill him. The best ways to get through the bug which makes it impossible for Darkblaze to die are given below.

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How to Fix the Darkblaze Not Dying Bug in WoW?

  1. Try with a Lower Level Character

The most common cause for this issue is a character that is way too overpowered for the quest. Darkblaze himself is only a level 21 dragon. If players try to complete the quest with a character that is well above this level, it will almost surely bug out. Whenever you kill Darkblaze awfully quickly, the quest is almost sure to bug out.

This is quite frustrating for all those that had to complete the entire mission but can’t get it over with due to Darkblaze not dying regardless of what they do. The only solution, if you’re using a character that’s way over-leveled, is to just abandon the mission and try it once again with a lower leveled one. It may be more difficult this time around, but it’s the only way of making sure that Darkblaze can finally die this time around.

  1. Let All NPCs Die

Another solution to the problem is letting all of the NPCs that are around the battle area finally die before you deliver the killing blow on Darkblaze. If the dragon’s health is stuck at a very low level and won’t go down, you’ll have to wait for the non-playable characters surrounding you and the boss to die before the final hit can be struck. Just wait until they’re all killed and it should work now.

  1. Don’t Engage Darkblaze in the Fight

One very boring but effective way of fixing this issue is not engaging Darkblaze in combat at all while the boss fight is going on. As mentioned in the previous solution, there are NPCs around you and the boss. These will usually be aiding you.

If you wait long enough and continue to run around without engaging the dragon, you’ll find that the NPCs themselves will damage him enough to kill him. This may be a little time consuming, but it definitely works.

  1. Restart the Quest Multiple Times

Another way of fixing this bug is by reproducing another bug. When players abandon this mission while fighting Darkblaze, they’ll have the option to go back to the quest’s starting point to begin once again. Do this as many times as it takes if the previous solutions didn’t work. Once the quest is restarted, go to Darkblaze and hit him only once. This should activate another bug where he dies with one hit.

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