Sweeping Edge vs Sharpness In Minecraft

sweeping edge vs sharpness minecraft
sweeping edge vs sharpness minecraft

The next step after you have upgraded all your armor and weapons is to enchant them fully. There are multiple enchantment options to choose from, each enchantment provides a different effect. They can make your weapon way stronger and helps a lot in fighting strong bosses. However, the experience requirements can be hard to manage for some players.

In this article, we will be going over a few differences between sweeping edge and sharpness enchantment. This will help you decide which one you’d like to have on your sword.

Sweeping Edge vs Sharpness Minecraft

Sweeping Edge

It is a sword enchantment that can help you clear out mobs a lot faster. When you use your sword in Minecraft, you’re able to do a sweeping attack in which damage is dealt with mobs around your main target. What sweeping edge does is increase the amount of damage you’ll be doing to the surrounding enemies.

It has three levels and each gives a percentage boost to attack power depending upon which level you’re on. Level 1 increases your attack power by 50%, Level 2 increases the power by 67% and finally, level 3 increases your damage by 75%. When you have got this enchantment on your sword it becomes a lot easier to clear out huge clusters of mobs.

This enchantment focuses more on increasing the damage of the sweep attack and not the actual hit itself. Meaning that the damage won’t be enhanced while you’re attacking the primary target but rather only the mobs around the primary target will be hit harder with this enchantment on. It can save you a lot of time while clearing experience farms. Overall, it is an excellent enchantment and can help you a lot in your journey.


The sharpness enchantment is one of the most loved enchantments when it comes to upgrading your diamond sword. While the sweeping edge only increases your sweep attack damage, the sharpness enchantment increases your base damage. This means that you’ll do more damage to everything.

As compared to sweeping edge the sharpness enchantment has 5 levels. Each level increases your damage more than the previous one. Sharpness 5 can help you take down single targets way faster than sweeping edge enchantment. But when it comes to clusters of enemies then sweeping edge wins almost every single time.

The best thing about sweeping edge is that it can be paired with sharpness and that will make your sword overpowered. Both these effects will resonate with each other and you can clear mobs way faster than before. So, you don’t have to worry about choosing between one of them because you can have both.

All in all, both these enchantments can prove to be quite useful. Depending upon what type of damage stat you’re looking for you can either go sharpness for base damage increase or sweeping edge for sweep damage increase. However, you would have to spend a lot of experience levels to get them on your sword so make sure to grind out those levels first.

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