How to Restart Game in CSGO? (Answered)

how to restart game csgo
how to restart game csgo

CS: GO, otherwise known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by most, is a game that most are familiars with. It’s easily one of the most popular games in the world right now, having hundreds of thousands of active players at any given time.

The first-person shooter is certainly one of the more difficult multiplayer games to master out there as well. On top of this, it easily has one of the most competitive player bases out of most other games in the same genre too.

This brings forth many things of its own, as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is considered one of the most intense shooters experiences out there because of this competitiveness. This makes it especially annoying to lose games and makes players wish that they could restart said games to have another go.

We’re here to discuss whether or not this is possible. If you’re here to learn how to restart games in CS: GO, continue reading below to find out more regarding the subject. Everything players need to know is discussed below, along with a brief explanation and a definitive answer regarding the question.

Is Restarting Games Possible in CS: GO

Before we get down to learning how to restart games in CS: GO, the first thing to do is learning if it’s even possible to do so. That said, the answer to this question is a confusing one. This is because the answer is both yes and no at the same time.

When you ask whether or not it’s even possible to restart games in CS: GO, it all depends on which games one means. If you mean the game itself, that obviously is quite possible by just turning it off and turning it back on again. Simply turn it off through Alt+F4 or through the main menu and then launch it again.

However, if players are referring to matches, that is an entirely different story of its own. This is a tricky bit since it is possible to restart these games but also not possible at the same time. This specific answer depends on which game mode that the player is playing, and what type of match that they’re currently in.

To be more specific, restarting games in CS: GO while the match is running isn’t possible in quick play or competitive play for that matter.

Matches like these can only be restarted when they have ended and every player involved agrees to a rematch. Even this depends on certain game modes for that matter. However, the answer is completely different if you’ve set up a server with other players and wish to restart matches there.

Players have complete control over the servers which they’ve created, meaning that just about everything is possible for them here. This also includes restarting rounds or entire matches while they’re ongoing. So if you’re ever playing with friends or other players in servers, it is possible to restart the current match without having to set everything up again. Here’s how to do so.

How to Restart Game in CS: GO?

Learning how to restart games in CS: GO is very easy. All that players need to know about is managing their server and learning how to use the command console that can be opened up easily. This is all very easy to do.

The first thing to learn is to open up the command console. This can be done by launching CS: GO and going into the game’s settings through the main menu. There will be an option allowing users to enable the developer console. Click on this and then bind a key to the console.

Apply all of these changes. Whenever you click this key from now on, the console will open up allowing you to make many different changes to the game on personal servers. To restart games in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, turn on the console and then type in the words “mp_restart 1” into it to perform the restart.

The number at the end can be anything you want. Keep in mind that whatever number you type will be the number of seconds it takes for the match to start after being restarted.

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