How To Play Tournaments On Golf Clash?

how to play tournaments on golf clash
how to play tournaments on golf clash

Esports is growing each day with the boom of video games as they not only present you an opportunity to have healthy competition but also are a great way for our youth to showcase their skills and have the right recognition they deserve. There are no second opinions about video games being a popular hobby around the globe and youngsters from all over the world are getting more and more inclined towards playing video games.

Tournaments are organized on an international level as a part of Esports initiative to encourage the talents and hard work of gamers that they are putting forward for these games.

Golf Clash

Golf is undoubtedly a popular sport around the world, but needless to say, it is pretty expensive too and not everyone can afford to play golf. Golf Clash is a mobile application that allows you to enjoy golf at your smartphone, no matter where you are. The game design, graphics, and SFX are too good on the application and you can actually feel all those great effects such as the swishing sound of your club swinging, the impact on the ball, and more.

Golf Clash allows you to play 1-on-1 and in tournaments against real players online. This will make you feel like an actual golf experience as you are not playing against some programmed bot but real people who can think and make their decisions that you need to compete with.

Golf Clash

How To Play Golf Clash Tournaments?

Golf Clash has several tournaments that you can participate and they present you with the right opportunity for not only competing with some of the best players around the world but also test your own game skills and have a chance at that mouth-watering prize pool. Golf Clash tournaments are announced frequently for every season and players from all the leagues take part.

If you are willing to try your luck and improve your game, or if you have your eyes at that winner’s prize and title for Golf Clash, you should definitely consider this article as it got all the details that you might need to find your way around playing a tournament and winning it.

euro champions

Most tournaments are announced sometime prior to the tournament and there are certain levels of tournaments that you can join. There are restrictions of rank to join each tournament level, of course, so you can compete with the players of your league and make the competition more fun for you. Here are some ways to play and win the tournament, at least try your best and make it more exciting.

Be Prepared

You need to be prepared by the announcement date of the tournament according to the need. You can take help from forums, watch some videos with tutorials and tricks, and practice as much as you can so you are able to play a tournament the right way and increase your chances of winning.

Not to mention, you need to have appropriate clubs and gear to ace any tournament so brush up on your inventory and improve your skills with each club.

Invest a little

We all know that good things have a price that we must pay. Clubs are one such commodity that might cost you some amount. But a good club can increase the chances of your win significantly so you need to do some shopping in the game store and purchase all the right gear, or upgrade your existing golf kit to be able to play the tournament in a perfect manner and perhaps win it.

Do Some Research

You cannot just jump in blindly in a tournament and hope to win. In order to win a tournament, you must be prepared and conduct some research. Usually, whenever a tournament is announced, you also get to see the holes that you will be playing at. Sometimes the holes can be new, and turf not familiar for you, but sometimes you can find some holes similar to the ones you usually play at.

You need to practice on similar holes, or research about the new holes so you can have confidence while playing a tournament. A little bit of research will not take much time but it can grow your chance towards a victory by a great margin.

Be Confident

Sportsmanship is all about confidence and you need to trust yourself that you can do this. Most players lose these tournaments because they lose hope at the early stages. Golf is a game of patience and requires the sheer will to ace. Golf Clash presents you an opportunity to have the same experience of golf without having to step into the field so you need to have a similar positive attitude towards the game. Confidence is the key to success, but over-confidence could be fatal as well. So, work out your mistakes and work towards fixing them so you can have a better shot towards winning.

Qualifying rounds

You get a chance each day for three days to qualify for a tournament. You need to make sure that you are qualified for these chances. The qualifying round is there to ensure that your skills in the game are up to par and you will not waste yours and other players’ time in the tournament.

You have to qualify and only 100 players are qualified to play the tournament. Even if you lose all three chances at the qualifying round and still want to play the tournament, you can buy more chances at a qualifying round. Just make sure to decide quickly as you have the chance till the qualifying round lasts.


Now starts the game, where you and 99 other players that are qualified will be competing on the golf course. You need to give it your best shot, use the best clubs you have and play with a cool mind. Take it like a real competition and you can do it. Even if you get to the weekend round where 50 players are left, you can earn some cool prizes and banners but let’s keep your eye to getting on the top and carve your niche.

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