Golf Clash Upcoming Oasis Tournament

golf clash tournament
golf clash tournament

Golf clash features exciting tournament pretty often. Players can take part in these tournaments and win various prizes. They can also win new banners for their profile.

Before taking part in any tournament, a player must be well prepared. This is why knowing about any upcoming tournaments beforehand is very important. We’ve also added some tips and tricks for all the included courses. This will help you learn how to play them and win.

Oasis 9-Hole Cup Tournament for Golf Clash

The upcoming 9-hole Cup Tournament in Golf Clash is taking place on the 16th of July. The Golf Clash tournament will feature each and every hole from The Oasis. Many players are excited for this tournament as it is soon to take place.

Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get right into the text guide for this Redwood Cup Tournament.

The Oasis Hole no.1 (Par 5)

oasis hole 1

The balls Quaser (Rookie) and Titan (Pro/Expert) are used here. For the drive, you will have access to the Extra Mile, and the Apocalypse. Here, you should aim for the drive on the left side. Make sure to pick a driver that will give you the most distance. Also, try not to add any spin as it will risk your ball getting into the rough.

In case you have a headwind situation, a little adjustment to overpower should do the trick. But for every other case, just try to bounce the ball over the rough.

The second shot is done with the Big Dawg, or Sniper 4+. Luckily, reaching the green in the second shot is actually quite easy. We’d recommend going for the albatross here. Make sure to have a good distance, and try to get the second bounce on the green. This will ensure optimal speed.

The Oasis Hole no.2 (Par 4)

oasis hole 2

This par will feature Katana (Rookie), and Kingmaker (Pro/Expert). We’d recommend making the ball go towards the left side of the island. Similarly, use a driver that has a good spin such as the Quarterback. Try bouncing it over the rough line with a bit of topspin. This will help you get in an excellent position to reach the pin in your second shot.

You are most likely to struggle here. You need to get enough backspin to avoid going pretty hot. Else, it’s actually quite easy to reach the pin. The final thing you need to do is to bounce the ball over the bunker.

The Oasis Hole no.3 (Par 3)


Using the ball Katana (Rookie) here, try not to play the rough bump here. Most players do love to play rough bump here, but we’d recommend you to go for a different tactic here. Getting the hole-in-one Is exceptionally unlikely, and your end goal is the secure birdie.

You need to sidespin as much as you can in this drive. This will allow the ball to go into the green and slope right towards the pin.  You will now have a clear second shot. The Goliath (Rookie) is pretty good to get the sidespin.

The Oasis Hole no.4 (Par 4)

oasis hole 4

To reach the pin on the second shot, the least requirement is a power III ball here. For the drive, bounce the ball over the rough line. Try to go as far down possible as you can along the fairway. Also, make sure not to use the max topspin here as you will have a high risk of going on the rough.

The second shot will be quite hard but it will give you the only opportunity for the eagle. Hence, with a little backspin, make sure to get the right speed and aim very cautiously with the guideline pointing towards the pin. You will also need to adjust the wind appropriately. Keep in mind that you have to adjust 10% extra while playing downhill.

The Oasis Hole no.5 (Par 3)

oasis hole 5

This is one of the trickiest Par 3 in The Oasis 9-Cup Tournament. Don’t even think about getting a hole-in-one here.

First, pick a ball with sidespin III. Also, curl the ball all the way towards the left. Try to get the ball in the direction of the pin. Likewise, with the help of 3 bars of backspin, you can safely keep it close to the pin for the birdie at the very end.

Without risking anything, we highly recommend you to just aim for the birdie here. Do not try anything chancy.

The Oasis Hole no.6 (Par 5)

oasis hole 6

You might recognize this hole from playing throughout the Tours. The strategy here is simple. Always aim for the left side with a double bounce. This will aid you in getting towards the last piece without overpowering the shot.

During the second shot, just try to get distance using a wood club. Big Dawg will work great here. It will get you to the green or near the fringe so you can approach the pin during the third shot.

For the finishing part, add 2-3 bars of topspin, along with sidespin. Try to aim a little left as the green slopes down the right.

The Oasis Hole no.7 (Par 3)

oasis hole 7

This is one of the harder holes to play. The requirement here is to have a wood club with a great backspin and a ball with sidespin if there’s wind from the sides. Use either a Power I ball or make a double bounce shot.

Now, aim for the lower left part. Getting a hole-in-one mostly depends on luck here so go for the birdie instead.

The Oasis no.8 (Par 4)

oasis hole 8

We’d recommend getting far away from the trees as they tend to block your second shot. So, with a nice amount of topspin, and as much sidespin to the left as possible. A ball like Quaser is good for the task. If you also use the curl, don’t get near the rough.

The second shot will require a rough bounce as you can reach the pin directly. Try not to get over the green here. Afterward, use about two bars of sidespin. Also, aim a little towards the side. Getting the birdie is a must in this par.

The Oasis no.9 (Par 5)

oasis hole 9

Your drive will determine everything here. We endorse using a club with a ton of topspin and curl like the Big Topper. Likewise, use all of your topspin and aim for the middle of the rough.

Using your second shot, you can either try going to the right side or go for the left side and reach down the fairway. The albatross is not even an option here, but the eagle can work!

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