Golf Clash Tour 7 Guide (With Best Clubs and Courses)

golf clash tour 7
golf clash tour 7

Golf Clash is not like an ordinary mobile application/game that you play or might have seen otherwise. It is the best virtual golf experience you can get on your smartphone. There are different levels and holes on Golf Clash and to excite the things, even more, they have introduced some super cool tours that you unlock as you qualify more and more. Tour 7 also known as West Coast Pro Series is an advanced level of Golf Clash where things start to get serious. You will be seeing lots of expert players that you will need to compete with to make your way in the game.

Golf Clash Tour 7 Guide

There are several holes in the Golf Clash Tour 7 that you must know about so you can play on them the right way, and choose your clubs accordingly. There are three courses on Tour 7-Tropic kings that are Santa Ventura, Sunshine Glades, and Koh Hong Resort.

Each course has 9 holes that you will need to cover and with different pars. If you are looking to make a fortune of coins and grow your level to the next Tour, you will need to take things seriously here. You need to make sure that you got the right clubs to ace the level, and some of the clubs that you are going to need for Golf Clash Tour 7 are:


golf clash viper club

Viper is a must-have club for the level, as you don’t want to get your ball into any of the rough terrains on these courses. All these holes require accuracy, strength, and the right swing that can be attained by a level 7 Viper. You will need to upgrade your viper club if it is already not updated.


golf clash sniper club

Sniper must be in your club list at a really high level if you are looking to get yourself into Tour 7. Snipers will be required to make those long-distance shots with accuracy. One wrong swing can land you in some rough terrains around these complicated courses that would ruin your chances of getting a perfect score. You can practice with sniper first to learn the advantage of it. However, you might need to go a bit overpower with sniper but it would do the job for you pretty well.

Thor’s Hammer

golf clash thors hammer club

Thor’s Hammer is probably one of the first clubs that you would unlock but it can go a long way for you. You can level up Thor’s hammer as the distance on this club is unmatched except for of course the premium clubs. If you don’t want to go that way, it is better to upgrade Thor’s hammer as you are really going to need this club when you are taking those long-distance shots. A level 6 or level 7 Thor’s hammer should suffice to get through tour 7 of Golf Clash. Thor’s hammer is the right top-spin driver for you with great accuracy.

Once you have got the right clubs figured out, it is important that you consider other important aspects that would matter a lot for your experience and add up to an ultimate win for your Golf Clash Tour 7.

Special Balls

You might find yourself in a fix at certain holes on Tour 7 but it is recommended that you save those special balls for higher tours or tournaments as you will need them more later. You can get the Tour 7 done right with the right clubs, experience, and practice without having to use any of those special balls at all.


Once you are good at all the clubs and are prepared to take the course, you need to start considering the courses you will be playing on. Each course has a 9-hole round that you need to understand the terrain for and devise an appropriate strategy that will get you through these courses to succeed. You cannot afford to make mistakes at this pint at all so it is better that you conduct your research properly.

Santa Ventura

golf clash santa ventura

Santa Ventura is a great course with lush green lawns but got some curves with strong winds that can land you in real trouble if you are not careful enough. You need to make sure that you are choosing some strong clubs while playing on Santa Ventura with the right swing. Santa Ventura got different sizes and types of bunkers that you will need to avoid too.

These bunkers can land you in some serious troubles so it would be better to take a longer shot that is safe from these bunkers. You will also get a shot at some cool chances to pot the ball in one shot that you can avail to increase your points and score for the game and get better for the next levels.

Sunshine Glades

golf clash sunshine glades

Sunshine Glades have also got 9 holes with different pars but the terrain is a bit more difficult and complex than Santa Ventura. You might not have to face strong wind effects on this course, but you definitely need more power. While Santa Ventura is all about lush green lawns, Sunshine glades got water bodies, stones bushes, and whatnot.

So, you will need to make sure that you manage your power and swing precisely to stay out of such places that can land you in trouble. You will also need to work on your accuracy as this complex turf can cause you to lose power at some points and results will not be as you might expect them to be.

Koh Hong Resort

golf clash koh hong resort

This course is a heaven and a dream course for every golf player out there. You get to enjoy a soothing golf experience by the beach with a swift breeze that might not be changing your direction entirely but can cause your swing to be less effective than you need to be careful about. You get to face all the complexities like water bodies, bunkers, bushes, and stones on this course. Needless to say, you need to avoid ending up your ball in the ocean.

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