How to Get Fortune in Minecraft?

how to get fortune in minecraft
how to get fortune in minecraft

Enchantment is an important gameplay element of Minecraft. An enchantment is applied to an item or a piece of equipment. Its effects can vary depending on the enchantment. It will either boost the effects or add a completely new effect on your enchanted item.

Enchanting requires an enchantment table. An enchantment table can be crafted later on in the game. Players can enchant various items and equipment as different levels of enchantment are dropped randomly in the table.

Fortune Enchantment

Fortune is an enchantment that can only be applied to mining and digging tools. It will increase the amount and chances of dropping specific rare items. However, it does not increase experience drops.

This enchantment can be used on all the mining items. These include the pickaxe, shovel, axe, and hoe. Fortune cannot be applied together with a silk touch. If both enchantments are done, silk touch will take precedence over the fortune enchantment. There are 3 levels of Fortune in Minecraft. Likewise, the 3rd level of Fortune gives the highest amounts of drops.

How to Get Fortune in Minecraft

Getting fortune is a bit harder than other enchantments as it is a rare enchantment. It is one of the few level 30 enchantments in Minecraft. Level 30 enchantments are not simply dropped. Bookshelves are required to get level 30 enchantments.

Players need to place bookshelves near the enchantment table. This will allow the enchantment table to drop higher levels of enchantment. A maximum of 15 bookshelves is said to have the best effect of dropping level 30 enchantments. Still, this won’t guarantee a fortune drop.

We recommend only using pickaxes, shovels, and axe while enchanting. This will increase your chances of getting fortune. It can still take up some time for the enchantment to drop as it is quite rare. The last thing you can do is to keep trying until you get the Fortune.

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