How to Reset Enchantment Table in Minecraft?

how to reset enchantment table minecraft
how to reset enchantment table minecraft

Minecraft is a complete sandbox game featuring plenty of gameplay elements. There are a variety of areas players can explore. The game features infinite terrain which accounts for the player’s exploring experience.

Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantment is a very important gameplay element of Minecraft. In simple words, enchantment applies a buff to a player’s weapons, items or armor. It can boost certain abilities of the item, or add some more abilities.

Enchantment Table

Enchantment tables are the blocks that permit the players to spend all of their experience points to enchant items. These items may include tools, weapons, books, armors, or other particular items. A pickaxe is mandatory for properly utilizing the enchantment table. If enchanting is done without mining with the pickaxe, mining takes plenty of time and drops nothing.

How to Reset the Enchantment Table in Minecraft?

There are certain rare enchantments in the game which are really hard to obtain. Although there are other different ways to obtain such enchantments. Players will mostly prefer using the enchantment table for this purpose. But what if a drop from the enchantment table does not give you the required enchantment? What then?

Many players start wondering if there really is a way on how to reset an enchantment table in Minecraft. To answer the question, there is certainly a way to reset an enchantment table. Some might consider this an indirect way to resetting the enchantment table.

Basically, you will have to use level 1 enchantment which requires the lowest amount of EXP and lapis. This will reset your enchantment table. This method will consume resources, but if you do it smartly, it won’t be that much.

One other way to reset the enchantment table is to use the grindstone. This will also reset your enchantment table. You can then proceed towards getting better enchantments.

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