4 Ways To Fix Doomrider Helgrim Not Spawning WoW

doomrider helgrim not spawning WoW
doomrider helgrim not spawning WoW

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Doomrider Helgrim Not Spawning WoW

The majority of players have been experiencing issues with the spawn rate of Doomrider Helgrim. It is taking an incredibly long time to respawn. Players have tried waiting for over 2 hours and still, the Doomrider is not spawning. Causing them to ultimately give up and move on with other quests. Players have already contacted the support and hopefully, it will be fixed shortly. In the meanwhile, here is a list of possible ways you can fix this bug.

1) Turn War Mode On

For most players turning war mode on fixed the issue. After waiting for a long time when players came back with war mode on Doomrider was spawned. Following this method will most probably solve the issue for you and you can farm that sweet loot.

2) Realm Hopping

For some people turning war mode on or off did not solve the issue. Realm hopping is another viable method you can use to look for Doomrider in another realm. If the Doomrider is not spawning in your realm then you can join different groups. Which will take you to another realm as you see the monster phasing out and then reappearing. This increases the chances of you finding Doomrider as there are so many realms you can explore.

3) Clearing the Mobs

Some players just started killing the mobs around the spawn area of the Doomrider and it spawned. So, if neither of the above-mentioned methods works for you then you should just try killing mobs around the Doomrider spawn.

4) Join a different Quest

By joining a different quest where you hop to a different server fixed the issue for some players. When they joined a quest where the objective was not to kill the Doomrider they hopped onto a different server. The Doomrider was already spawned in that new server and they were easily able to kill it. Doing this, however, causes trouble for other players when you join a quest which you do not intend to finish.

Following the above-mentioned fixes will most probably solve the issue of Doomrider Helgrim not spawning. But if the issue remains then try contacting the player support or seeking help from your guild members. The majority of players had no issue after the hopped realm or turned the war mode on in their games. So, it is highly unlikely that you will still face issues after you have tried the mentioned fixes.

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