Minecraft vs GTA (Grand Theft Auto)

gta vs minecraft
gta vs minecraft

GTA vs Minecraft

Both incredibly popular games, both Minecraft and GTA have transcended generations of gamers and stayed relevant even now after years after they were released. Both games feature comprehensive online play with loads of mods and features that still entertain gamers all around the world. Not to mention, the amount of viewership on these games is off the charts and ranges in the millions easily.

Minecraft was released in 2009 and slowly built itself to be on the best-selling games of all times with various gaming modes, tons of content mods, and a community of around 100 million players. The amount of dedication that players have towards this game is akin to religious fanatics and the entire community has accepted it to be a cornerstone in gaming in one way or the other. GTA, including the Online version, has also amassed a crazy amount of following and player base and is easily one the most played game of this decade. With a great city to explore and rampage in, the game offers an incredible roam with realistic situations in anything you do.

Although both games are open-world survivor games of sorts, there are many differences between them and the gameplay mechanics vary a lot with each game focusing on specific aspects of realism and its portrayal. Where GTA depicts real-life situations within a city, with legal ramifications, vehicles, and weapons at the player’s disposal, Minecraft presents a world made of realistic materials that the player utilizes to advance further in the game. Each offers a very unique perception gaming worlds, but are quite different on how the games are played out.

Starting with size, no matter how big Los Santos is, the world and maps in Minecraft are exceptionally larger and do not even compare to GTA maps. Servers span entire plains, oceans, mountainsides, and much more with players often spending days and nights just traveling from one location to the other. And as such, free roam in Minecraft is more open and unrestricted as compared to GTA where you are restricted to just one city and its bounds. Not to mention, there are countless mods that offer new worlds and situations for MC players who wish to spice things up every now and then.

Regarding graphics and visuals, it’s clear that GTA features a more realistic presentation of the world with working vehicles, environment renders, and even structures. However, with a powerful PC running Minecraft Shaders at full potential, the rendered world of MC is a beauty to behold with lush fields, dense forests and well-designed builds all made of blocks of a different material.

GTA has its own multiplayer mode (GTA Online) which features loads of online activities, leaderboards, group missions, and even competitive events that provide hours of fun and entertainment. But compared to MC, it lacks severely in online paly since MC has thousands and thousands of servers, on all the different modes of gameplay, and features an immense array of mods and map servers that give MC players an almost endless supply of content to play through.

There are still players who started playing in Minecraft in its first or second year and are still playing to date since the game just keeps giving more and more in the form of adventure servers, mods, and resource packs. Also, it doesn’t help that GTA is priced at around $60 in most countries while the starter pack for MC is close to $30, which is sometimes a factor in people buying games. But despite this, both games have an immense number of players that spend a better part of their life dedicating time to their online personas.

Overall, the gameplay for GTA features detailed adventures of diverse characters throughout a city that has it all and offers that and more in a setting that tests the player’s wits and adaptability. Minecraft, on the other hand, focuses more on surviving, crafting, and exploring the great Overworld.

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