Classic vs Slim Minecraft Skins: What’s The Difference?

classic vs slim minecraft
classic vs slim minecraft

As most players know, Minecraft provides players with many different mechanics and features to enjoy. The game is set in an almost limitless world that allows anyone to truly express their creativity. The game is all about building things, completing specific objects, and just having some fun.

Some of the bigger mechanics in Minecraft include crafting, enchanting and more, including the game’s most famous mechanic which is building. All these great gameplay mechanics combine to form a truly unique and amazing experience. On top of this, Minecraft’s art style and beautiful soundtrack only add to the game.

There are also a few smaller mechanics in Minecraft. For example, there are many animals in the game. Players can gather these animals and work with them in order to create a farm. Users can also trade in the game by talking to villagers. Mojang’s popular video game also offers players the option to customize their appearance. Players can make their character look like anything they want thanks to the game’s ‘skin’ feature.

What are Minecraft Skins?

As mentioned, skins are a way for players to change their character’s appearance. Anyone that plays the game can shape their character’s clothing and face into anything they would like. There are official game skins that players can choose from. For example, there is the very popular default skin that many people refer to as ‘Steve’. On top of all this, the game also has a feature that allows players to create their own skin.

This feature is available to anyone that has a paid copy of Minecraft. Users can create their own unique and fun appearance for their character using the feature while an option to import skins is also available. This import option allows players to use their internet browser in order to download popular skins created by other players.

Classic vs Slim Minecraft Skins

Many players believe that the skin feature allows players to change their appearance and nothing else. However, this isn’t true. Mojang added a feature to Minecraft in 2014 that allowed players to change their character models as well. Players could make their character appear more slim thanks to this new slim model.


The classic model of Minecraft is the one that players have been using from the start of the game. It is the wide skin that makes the character appear like a bunch of blocks, which is fitting considering the art style of the game.


The slim model was a new addition to the game. According to Mojang, the slim version of the skin is meant to provide a more feminine look for female skins. As mentioned, the slim model has no effects on gameplay. It also doesn’t have any advantages or disadvantages over the classic skin model. It is just one of many customization features found in the game. It only makes the arms of a character slimmer and as mentioned, adds a more feminine look to the model.

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