The Best Clubs for Each Tour in Golf Clash

golf clash best clubs for each tour
golf clash best clubs for each tour

Here is a guide showcasing the best clubs for each tour from 1-11 in golf clash. You can use this guide to learn more about the clubs you should use if you’re struggling with the first 11 tours in Golf Clash. There are also some other helpful details given to help you clear all the tours from 1-11 with ease.

The Best Clubs in Golf Clash for Each Tour

Tour 1

Tour 1 is the first tour in the game and it doesn’t really matter which club you decide to use here. All these opponents in this tour are very bad and won’t really challenge you much, meaning that you should be able to clear the tour with ease. You won’t really have many choices to choose from in terms of clubs in this course, so just choose whichever one you want.

Tour 2

Tour 2 is a lot like Tour 1 in the sense that all your opponents will be bad and won’t trouble you much. You won’t have many different clubs to choose from yet again. Just choose any single one of the few clubs available to you.

Tour 3 (Asia Pacific)

tour 3 asia pacific

You’ll have a few more options to choose from when it comes to clubs in Tour 3. However, this doesn’t mean that you should start spending all your money straight away. It is recommended that you try to conserve your coins and only focus on clubs like the Goliath, Extra Mile, Malibu, and the Big Dawg.

These clubs will also help you a lot in later courses, which is why you should only focus on them until you fully clear Tour 3. Opponents in this tour are also pretty easy to beat.

Tour 4 (6 Star Hotel)

tour 4 6 star hotel

This is the tour where things start to get interesting. Opponents in this tour will be quite better than all the previous tour. However, you should be able to easily beat them if you’re using the right clubs.

It is recommended that you use the Viper or the Big Dawg when it comes to wood. You should also consider upgrading one of the two clubs as they will help in the upcoming tours as well. Upgrading both of them at the same time isn’t recommended as it will just be a waste of coins.

You should ignore both the Down in One and the Hammerhead for this tour. Both of them aren’t worth upgrading for now and you should consider using the Dart or the Thorn for the time being. You can choose any of the two depending upon your personal preference.

You should continue using the Roughcutter for now. You’ll also get the Razor in Tour 5 which is why you don’t need to upgrade the Roughcutter.

To finish things off, it is highly recommended that you continue using the Malibu as you sand cutter in Tour 4. It is one of the best sand wedges in the game and is only second to the Spitfire which you won’t get for many tours. This is why you should focus on upgrading the Malibu more and more until you finally get the Spitfire later on.

Tour 5 (World Links)

tour 5 world links

Continue focusing on the Extra Mile on this tour. It is great for most of the courses in Tour 5 and can help you greatly in some situations. On the other hand, now would be a good time to start focusing on the previously mentioned Hammerhead. It wasn’t necessary to use and upgrade this club before, but it can be very helpful for most of the courses on this tour.

Rough irons aren’t the most important, however, it is recommended that you use the Razor which you will get in this tour. In terms of short irons, your best option for the courses in Tour 5 will be the Hornet. As mentioned previously, the Malibu will continue to be helpful in this tour as well.

Tour 6 (U.S Champions)

tour 6 us champions

The Big Dawg will be the most helpful club throughout this tour. It is helpful for a majority of all holes in this tour and will provide you with a lot of power if you have upgraded it to a decent level.

For long drives and sand wedges, it is recommended that you continue using and upgrading the Extra Mile and Malibu for the time being. Continue upgrading your Backbone as well as it is very helpful for some situations in this tour.

Tour 7 (Tropic Kings)

tour 7 tropic kings

You don’t need to make any changes to your setup from Tour 6. The Extra Mile and the Backbone will be very helpful for the holes on this tour which is why you should continue to upgrade them. The Malibu is still the best sand wedge for the time being.

It is only recommended that you consider replacing the Big Dawg. It has a serious lack of backspin which can be costly on this tour.

Tour 8 (Mountain Tour)

tour 8 mountain tour

The same setup you used in Tour 7 will be quite helpful for Tour 8. You don’t have to make any changes. Shootouts are very common in this Tour which is why you still shouldn’t use the Big Dawg.

Tour 9 (Platinum Resort)


The Extra Mile is still very helpful, however, you should consider replacing it with the Apocalypse in this Tour. You should only use the Apocalypse on this tour if it is level 2 or above. The Sniper is also a helpful wood for this tour and the Malibu continues to be the recommended sand wedge.

Tour 10 (Club Oceania)

tour 10 club oceania

Again, you don’t need to make any changes to your previous setup. The apocalypse is great for this Tour if it is upgraded to level 3. However, if it isn’t level 3, you should use your upgraded Extra Mile instead. The Sniper and the Malibu are still the best options if you have them both fully upgraded.

Tour 11

It is highly recommended that you focus on getting the Apocalypse to the max level on this tour. All opponents in this tour will mostly have maxed out clubs. It is recommended that you try to get all the clubs you used in Tour 10 to the highest level possible.

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